Friday, June 22, 2012


I should have waited a few more days and I would have had another subject to add to my previous "What's Goin' On" post!

For a couple of weeks, my wife Judy, had been complaining of a tightness, or pressure in her chest.  I told her she needed to go to the ER, or at least make an appointment with our family doctor.  But NOOOOOoooo!

Saying something like, "I rather die at home than go to the emergency room," she put it off.  It did go and come and seemed to get better, so we waited.  Not a good move!

On Monday, we were watching installers put up our new closet doors.  All the time Judy sat, or lay, on the couch in the sunroom, while the work was being done.  The workmen said they needed to come back the next day to finish up, since there was more finishing work than estimated.

I told them that my wife wasn't feeling well, so please call before coming the next day.  Sure enough, on Tuesday she had had it with the discomfort, and off to Tennova at Turkey Creek we went.  The ER there had treated her great a year ago when an ambulance took her there after she passed out at our family July 4th celebration!  Turns out, this new issue may have been related to that incident!

We walked in, mentioned that she was having chest pain, and they came and took her straight back, while I stayed to fill out the insurance paperwork.

When I got back to the treatment room, the doctor had already done blood work, an extra, and EKG, and had decided that, based on symptoms and family history, he was going to admit her.  The plan was to do a stress test, some more tests, and them possibly a cardiac catheterization (heart cath) with dye the next morning.

After consulting with the head of the cardiac department, it was decided to go straight for the cath on Wednesday morning.  

So, that morning before I arrived, Judy began to hurt badly and her blood pressure rose sharply.  The nurses administered nitroglycerin (2 or 3 tablets), all which caused her to crash!  They could not find a pulse, she was white as a sheet, and remembers being scared!  They lowered her head to an acute level and administered morphine, which eventually brought her pressure back up!

I didn't know all this until after the procedure, but at around 9:30 that morning they did the "dye test" and found the artery on the right front of her heart 80% blocked, and another on the left side 40% blocked.  They put in a "stent" on the right side, but decided not to do anything to the other side.

I've heard since it's because doctors have to discount multiple procedures!  I hope this isn't the case, but I've heard this from a nurse in our family. 

Anyway, she finally got to come home around 7PM the same day, and yesterday and today has been resting a lot.

So, long story short, as Sammie Harris (good friend I used to work with) used to say, the worked completed the doors while I was at the hospital, didn't steal at thing!

This is my room, but Judy's looks the same!

The work looks great!  Now all we have to do is stain the wooded doors and put on the trim work.  

We had almost gotten used to having no closet doors, and miss being able to see right in!  We had taken them off prior to having the house painted, and installing new carpet.  I was going to do the baseboards and closet trim after the door installation.

So, tonight, Judy is resting in the sunroom and I'm cooking supper and blogging!  I'm also having a little Buffalo Trace!  It's mandatory when I'm cooking!

We're having center-cut bone-in pork chops, with a baked sweet potato!  I'm salivating like Pavlov's dog just thinking about it!  Ladies, if you don't know what the dog thing is all about, then you have failed one of the ten things that is required before being considered a "10"!

I posted about this years ago:  

"This idea was spawned by the movie "Semi-Tough" starring Burt Reynolds back in ’77. In one scene, the main characters, Billy Clyde and Shake, discuss their rating system for women.

The ones we made up were based on the movie’s list, however I can only remember three of ours:
1. Never says no – not even in a coma.
2. Knows about Pavlov’s dog.
3. Knows all the lyrics to “Free Bird”." (Actually, Steve Edwards and I added this one!)

Keep us in your prayers.  She still has some issues that need to be resolved, so she is not completely well yet.  Thanks.


BRUNO said...

She's a very-lucky woman, to have you there to "nag" her on until she gave in and went to an ER. You should be proud to have been such a pain in the ass, in convincing her!☺

What I remember about the nitro---they used a paste-like treatment on me, instead of a pill---is the HEADACHE! A literal migraine, that wouldn't go away. Said it was "part of the proceedure".(Kicking the feeding-table halfway into the other-side of my shared-room got the nitro-STOPPED!) That was in July of 2000, when I was still a mean-S.O.B.!☺

As for the multiple-proceedures? Not sure myself, but it DOES sound about right. Well, that, and one doesn't want to stress the heart anymore than absolutely needed, at this point.

And as for the center-cut, bone-in chops? I can only dream!

LOOKED AT a one-inch-thick T-bone steak the other day---$7.25, and just barely a pound!

WAY-Y-Y outta MY-league....!!!

PRH....... said...

Leave it to a Sky Cop to make some humor out of a critical situation.....:) The Prayers Continue!

Mr. Bill said...

Hi...sending best wishes for Judy feeling better!

Paul Mashburn said...

Thanks Bill!

FHB said...

Man, that's a lot of tedious drama. Hope she's/you're feelin' better now. Give her another big hug from me. Denise too.

FHB said...

My buddy John, out in San Saba (prison guard and local liquor store owner) came out this way a while back and we did lunch. Turns out he loves Buffalo Trace too, and he has a whole store full of brands to sample. So I figured I needed to get some. Haven't opened it yet. Soon.