Monday, July 04, 2011


Well, our traditional 4th of July celebration began as usual, with the Knights and Dragons gathering at Neena and Ron's house.  Snacks were laid out, beers, and sissy girly drinks opened, and we assumed our usual opposite corners of the screened-porch to enjoy each other and, best of all, laugh!  In the back of our minds we all greatly anticipated the eating of the "low country boil"!

Not two libations into my Fourth, the sisters began calling my name.  At first I was irritated that they would interrupt me mid-conversation, but as I turned and looked in their direction I saw Judy's head bobbling and her sisters trying to attend to her!

My first thought was stroke..."oh please"...and I rushed to her side.  Gary swooped in beside me and we tried helping her up, but it was obvious she couldn't stand...let alone walk. 
Gary and I then lifted her, with Gary (blue shirt nearest the camera) holding most of the weight, and we made it to the couch.  Gary hoisted her up over the back and dropped her on the couch.

The other sisters came running with cold wet cloths and an icepack from the freezer.  She would respond with "yeah" and shake her head, but nothing was flowing from her easily or clearly.  Finally after someone asked her where she was she said "Tokyo"!

This was the first time we all breathed easier, but we collectively decided to call 911.  She had gotten weak and had to be helped before, but this was really the first time she had gone completely out.  So, we called and the Roane County EMTs came in short order.

In the meantime we rubbed her with the cold cloth and icepack, and took her blood pressure. Her pressure was 53/40...although her pressure normally runs low, this was extremely low for her.

The EMTs came and they took her vitals and her blood sugar which was 93...fine.

Judy still didn't think she could stand, so they brought in the gurney and out the door they went with her.  I followed in our car, praying just about the whole time.  I lost them at a red light and so I made it to the hospital in Knoxville a few minutes after the ambulance.

Outside one of the EMTs said she was fine and inside being checked out.  The other EMT met me at registration and reassured me that she was fine.

I did the normal paperwork, using her Medicare card for the first time since we hit the magic age in May, and was then allowed in the back to see her.
Judy was fine...talking and making jokes about being a party pooper, and that we couldn't run with the big dogs anymore!  I was so relieved!

Her vital signs, the x-rays, the CT, and all the 6 vials of blood all checked out negative for anything.  The doctor said he could tell us what went wrong...just what wasn't wrong.  He released her and we made our way home.

We have both lost weight recently and our bodies haven't adjusted to it.  Therefore, the blood pressure medications we take are apparently pushing the pressure too low.  Like me, she will have to start monitoring her pressure and decide then whether or not she needs medication for the day.

The doctor said her pressure was probably low and the heat and laughter, which are both stressers he said, pushed it too low and she went out.  She had also had two teeth pulled last week and had been on pain meds.  All in all, it was just a combination of things, but she needs more tests.

By then it was nearly 10PM, so we stopped at Steak & Shake for a bite to eat.  It was the first we had since breakfast, besides a chip or two at the earlier gathering.

I just returned from meeting Ron in Kingston, about half way between our homes, and picking up our share of the "boil" from yesterday.  Judy is sleeping well, but when she wakes up I will heat up the food and we will celebrate the 4th quietly at home...thanking God that everything is okay again!

Come tomorrow...I will insist she go see our family doctor and try and make sure this doesn't happen again anytime soon.

Love you all...Mushy!


FHB said...

Scary. Hypoglycemia is what pops into my head. Take good care of her, and yourself, and keep us informed.

Tell everyone I said hi. Hugs all around.

Mushy said...

Like I said, her blood sugar was 93 just after the episode.

Debbie said...

So sorry to hear about your scare. I know it was terrible for you.

This happens sometimes, with the combination of the weight loss, blood pressure meds, pain meds, and who know what else. Do keep a watch on the blood pressure, could be she needs her dosage cut quite a bit.

What is that magic age for Medicare again? 65? Oh my, I'm getting too close to that number, I was 60 in May.

Getting old sucks, but as the saying goes, better than the alternative.

Right Truth

Shrinky said...

Oh love, what a terrible scare to have, I'm so glad things turned out okay - I can only imagine how worried (terrified)you were, following behind Judy's ambulance.

I know she's in good hands, try not to fuss over her TOO much, or she might decide to take off to Florida again (wink).. I hope you both recover soon, it's always a shock when something like that hits you out of the blue. (Hugs)