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Friday, June 15, 2012

What's That...What's Going On?!

It's been awhile, about 30 days, since I've posted, which is getting to be about par for the course.  So, I thought I would bring those interested up to date, and maybe prove the point, that retirement is loads of fun!

True, the fun is often broken by a low spot, like the last prostrate laser surgery, but boy, has it ever helped.  If you listen at the door, you would think a young horse was relieving himself!  I mean...even when I was young I never had a stream like the one I'd proudly show off now!

Anyway, I'm back to feeling myself (not literally), and having fun.
Dennis Tufano, Stevie G, and Steve Jarrell
I guess the first great adventure I had following the outpatient procedure was the "Dennis Tufano" concert Princess Productions put on down at the Princess Theatre.  He has lost little in his voice, the original voice of the Buckinghams, and his back up band, The Rockerz, with lead singer and guitarist Stevie G, did a bang up job.  The vintage ladies in the audience were screaming like they were 16 again and the boys on stage loved it!
I'll have to put in a plug for Michael "Crawdaddy" Crawley too.  He warmed up the crowd with his box of harps and his gravelly bluesy sounding voice.  He and went outside at break and took a few snaps of the Princess.
Bill Landry, Elizabeth Rose, Sam Venable, and Jim Claborn
They all loved our Princess, and I sure hope this gets things rolling downtown.  We plan on bringing in a quartet of storytellers next.  They are quite a crew, and well known to East Tennessee.  They spin yarns of Appalachia, country folklore, and even a golf and fishing tale might come out.  I had a recent promo photo shoot with them and they keep me rolling the entire afternoon and into the evening over a brew!

Judy and I are still out hiking when we can, even though the wildflowers came early, we still enjoy a walk down a wooded path by a mountain stream.  There just something about the woods that brings the child out in me again.  Being raised essentially an only child, being ten years older than my brother, I found solace from loneliness among the quietness of Tennessee forests.  I did my best thinking out there and discovered a lot about my self and the world there.
It's like the bear we recently came upon in Cades Cove, or the deer in the front yard.  They are my kind of people!  The only animal we came across that I don't consider "good people, was the grey snake at John Cable's mill!
Even the horses in the fields I see almost everyday take me back to a time when I got to be a kind of country cowboy, riding through the woods with my cousin Larry.  
Or the time Richard Lacher and I sneaked into a "walking horse" barn near our trailer park in Florence.  There we met the devil, and his name was "Midnight Sun", a Tennessee Walker of some renown.  

He saw us before anyone and wanted to kill us immediately, although "walkers" are generally gentle!  Came right up to us, trying to break through the steel gate, snorting like the wild thing he wanted to be again!  Probably was all that anger in having to wear those cruel weighted shoes, "stacks" (stacked pads), or weighted chains his trainer made him wear.

I discovered from the embedded web link that he was born in 1940 and accumulated quite record over his career, being a world champion in 1945 and 1946.
Last weekend I shot the "Cruisin' Harriman" car show downtown, which occurs the second Saturday of each month, April - August.  That's always a hoot, and I love community events, and the history that comes alive because of them.  Take this Saturday, it's the seventh annual WWII reenactment at the Secret City Festival in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  I can't wait to see all those tanks, half-tracks, and American and German reenactors running amidst all that smoke and gunfire!  Talk about a hoot and a feast for a photographer!
Photo actually by Kaitlyn Russell
I missed a great feast last week by being too old to tackle Bonnaroo!  The only shot I got was from my granddaughters iPhone...the arch as you enter the rock'n playground for wannabe hippies!  Alas, it's as close as I'll ever get, but I just want to give her credit for sticking it out!  She almost gave it up after the first day of heat, and being ignored, but sucked it up and stuck it out for the full "right of passage" tour!

I'll stick to my hikes, waterfalls, old barns, lotus ponds, and visits to the strange "world's tallest tree house" in Crossville!  That's about as far out as I want to get these days.  That's my element at this stage in my life.
So, I'll sign off by telling you that I'm bushed...we had a big thunderstorm last evening, with the power going off at 9PM and not coming back on until 5AM.  I don't sleep well in the dark...pitch darkness, that is, or in quietness so still I can hear my heart beating.  At this age you think the next beat might be the last one, and you just don't want to hear that last one.  I run an air filter in my room to mask all the static noise...heart beats, squeaks from house expansion and expansion, crickets outside, the refrigerator running, or Judy snoring!  Without, I'm wide awake!

The rain and hail came down in buckets, and I was still there clicking away.  I made these HDR renditions of it all, even catching that spooky orange glow that comes in some storms.  

So with that...see ya next time...maybe sooner than 30 days...IF I got got shots during the war games!


BRUNO said...

I can only hope any further-coverage of "The New-Stream" is NOT gonna be P.O.V.?☺

As for quiet, and sleeping? Me too. Can't stand total-quiet! Makes my ears ring like like the "voice" of a 9-inch surface/angle grinder.

As early as practical in the spring, that window-unit is on, even if just the fan. In winter, the furnace helps, since it's located one-wall over, IN the house instead of UNDER-it. Sometimes a radio turned on low to an open-spot on the dial helps too.

Ironically, my right-ear "rings" the loudest, even though it was shot-out a long-time ago, already!

One of these days, after I die, I'll have a house like yours, LOL!...☺

Lin said...

That was a GREAT update, Mush - felt like I took a mini vacation just by reading it. Saved a ton of gas and tread wear that way, too!

Me, too - dead silence keeps me jumping to full awake at the smallest of noises. A cheap motion-sickness pill at bed-time does help you stay asleep when it gets too bad.

Mushy said...

Does that mean I have to go to hell when I die Bruno!?

I appreciate you two dropping's gotten lonely in the blog world lately!

BRUNO said...

I just HAD TO reply! And, as for going to hell?

How ironic that was EXACTLY-what I was going to originally-imply, with the stipulation of a kick-assed central-air unit!

I just couldn't find a way to put it so-smoothly!☺

I don't blog much either. Seems like Facebook and Twitter have gotten in the way---especially since I don't "tweet", an' I don't want anything to do with F-book.

(Damned-good thing I don't hafta get a JOB anymore, ain't it? You know---NO Facebook and all.)

Remember that little-ditty of a song, "In The Year 2525"? And, the movie, "Terminator"? Maybe "Soylent-Green", or George Orwell's "1968"? Oh, and don't forget "Demolition Man". Remember how we'd laugh at the silliness of it all?

Yeah, well---who's laughing NOW? Ironic as hell, ain't it?

(And, this from me, in a GOOD-mood, for once...!)☺

*Goddess* said...

I LOVE these HDR pics...they're so cool!!