Sunday, March 29, 2009


Although these photos are filed under a file named “The Girls Party”, it was all about the Knights Saturday. We hadn’t been together since way before my rib fiasco, so it felt good to sit out on Neena and Ron’s screened porch, occasionally looking at the lake through the still bare trees, listening to the turkey hunter shots in the distance, and watching the bluebirds starting their nest in the houses just feet from the deck.

We pushed the Dragons to the far end of the porch, although the cackling was still ear-splitting at times, and feasted on our friendship, Yazoo Pale Ale beer, and fine cigars. I could barely remember my last beer, but I couldn’t remember when I had my last cigar. It all felt and tasted great!

Outside, we enjoyed quietness, as Ron, Gary, and I lit the charcoal grill. Yeah, it took three of us, especially since the wind came up ahead of the afternoon stores, and kept blowing out the fire. It took one to hold the lighter, and two to shield it from the wind!

Ron started the cooking, but somehow ended up with the flipper and the blame for the medium rare burgers! However, it was lost on everyone but me that Ron, through a Yazoo haze, kept putting the cheese on unfinished burgers and finally thought they were done! I personally liked the burgers the way they came off, but the Dragons don’t eat rare or even pinkish meat!

Judy took the Knight’s group shot, and managed to get a decent shot of us through the smoke from the burgers on the grill!

Oh yeah, it was all topped off by eating chocolate cake and “cherry yum-yum” to the sound of nearby thunder. Ah, spring is in the air!

I’ve been very busy with my support of the Princess Theater, but I’ll visit you here on occasion. See ya!

Friday, March 20, 2009


Judy and I searched for wildflowers Tuesday as we walked the "Old Mac" trail at Frozen Head State Park. Not only did I find a “spring beauty” standing in the middle of the trail going up, I found another along side the trail on the way back to the parking lot! They are bursting out everywhere!

We even found a few more “spring beauties” in the park Wednesday as we went for a walk. We ended up spending most of the time in the playground with Lily once we saw her there with her other granny!

The Bradford Pears and the Japanese Magnolia (also known as the Saucer Magnolia or simply Tulip Tree) were in full bloom, and Lily was bursting out all over the swings, the slide, and the “monkey bars”!

I lifted her up into a couple of trees and carried her up the nearby dock steps, and I paid for it that night. I think I’m going to have to hide from Lily until I completely well!

Speaking of getting well, it’s been 29 days since the accident and I’m finding that my sense of balance is off - way off. I was standing flat-footed last night in the Phillippi Primitive Baptist Church, near Rockwood, TN, as our Princess Productions gang filmed their rehearsal for the upcoming Appalachian Dreams” show in May, and simply fell sideways into the piano! I have no idea why, except that was wearing the same shoes I was wearing when I fell and broke my ribs. They have a tendency to roll with me.

First off, those shoes are history, and second, I’m going to have to be ever vigilant when standing or walking for now on, and there’s no chewing gum while doing either activity!

Absolutely no fun in getting old!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Judy, my mom, and I visited the girls today and found them all (
including their mother Tia) adorable! Tia seemed to enjoy the little break in the action and watched her girls proudly as we made grandparent fools of ourselves!

Kinsley cuddled, grinned, occasionally flashed her dark eyes, and slowly moved her arms and legs while laying on my shoulder…it was wonderful to finally get to hold her. The best part of having the new baby may be that Lily is just jealous enough to want to be held and loved on more often! I took full advantage of it all and had the best time!

Mom enjoyed holding her newest great-granddaughter and watching Lily play. Lily has never been as animated as she is now with Kinsley around. She often came to me to hold her as she pretended to be hurt and crying like a little baby. This is only natural and won’t last long, but I plan on drinking in all the extra loving I’m now getting from her while it last! I also had to read several books to her, and she loved my pirate voice and my fire truck sounds!

Lucky for me, most of my soreness is gone, because Lily gave me a good workout!

Can’t wait until the next visit!

Yes, the soreness is almost gone, and today was the 26th day since my blunder upon Buzzard’s Bluff!

I’m also celebrating the fact that I slept in my bed last night for the first time since then. I wasn’t actually flat-out, but I was in the bed propped firmly upon several pillows. It will probably be another week before I can resume sleeping on my right and left sides. If I try that now, I wake up in short order in lots of pain. However, for now, I’ll take sleeping in a “reclining” position in my bed instead of in the living room recliner.

See ya soon!

Saturday, March 07, 2009


Judy and I went outside this morning and Baylee stood almost motionless in the front yard, head down, no interest in us at all, and when I held out the "pig ear" I usually give her when I'm leaving, she just turned her head.

Over the past week, she had two days where she laid around the house barely moving. One day, she lay in her bed for almost 14 hours before wanting to go outside. All this was strangely unusual for her, so we kept and eye on her. She drank and ate normally until last evening. We noticed today that she did not eat last night's food.

Judy and l left to drop my truck off to be washed, but the man didn't show, so we hurried back home. Judy had arrived first and was standing in the garage crying. "I can't find her anywhere and she won't come!"

I walked around the house and called and saw her move in the leaves in the woods above the house. She slowly made her way down the hill, her rear quarters shaking as she frequently stopped to rest.

I opened the back door of the truck and she immediately went up and tried, but could not make it without my help. I left Judy crying and headed for our local vet's office.

At the office, Baylee just lay in the floor, ignoring all the other dogs in the lobby. She shook all over as she tried to rest, and her breathing was quick. There seemed to be a mass sticking out from one side, and since she hadn't eaten, I knew she wasn't just full.

The vet, a lady that has seen her several times of the past 8 or 9 years, rubbed and kneaded the internal organs she could feel, while Baylee stood motionless, head down, and tongue out.

The veterinarian suggested a blood analysis, x-rays, and a sedated stay in the hospital. I allowed them to do the blood test, and after about 30 minutes the results came back. Her pancreas was highly inflamed and causing her liver to stress as well. The only way to tell if it was some bad she had eaten was to keep her off food and water for two days, then a series of abdominal x-rays, and possibly exploratory surgery! More than likely she said, Baylee has a tumor or tumors causing her distress. The cost to wait and see...probably close to $2k!

Since she had been sickly for several days, I knew it wasn't something she had eaten. She had had plenty of time to pass and get over something like that. In my mind, as the vet suggested, she had a tumor on her pancreas and/or her liver.

I watched at her shake as she tried to rest on the floor, knowing she was hurting, and at the emptiness in her eyes. I couldn't allow her to hurt for 2 or 3 more days. I told the doctor I could not afford what she was suggesting and I didn't want her to hurt anymore. God, if anyone understands pain these days, it's me!

I also elected not to be with her...I held Lacy when they gave her "the shot" and it has haunted me ever since. I walked by the check out window, told them to send me the bill, and got into my truck. I sobbed all the way home and every time Judy and I look at each other we begin again.

Yes, she was just a dog, but the best damn dog ever. I'll always miss her. Every time a storm comes up, I'll wonder if she's afraid. When it gets cold outside, I'll wonder if she's warm enough. Too many memories to be forgotten.

Daddy Dog loves you!

Monday, March 02, 2009


Well, today is the third anniversary of my fall and it’s been 15 straight days in the recliner!

I can’t believe how fatigued I get trying to do the least thing, and after a shower and a shave I’m totally wiped out! It takes me a good 15 minutes of sitting down to get my heart rate back down and to rid myself of that spent feeling.

I did try the bed a couple of nights ago, thinking that if I laid flat of my back I could be just as comfortable as in my recliner – wrong! Somehow the recliner distributes my weight differently and actually rests my back. The bed seems to put undue pressure on my back and I wake up about an hour later in pain.

Oh well, I got used to the recliner during my shoulder surgeries, so I’m content to ride it out there.

What upsets me now is that I’ll probably have to call off my April driving trip out west off, and miss spring wildflower season in the woods here.

I still haven’t gotten to see my new granddaughter, but here is one of her first photos. She is Lily sister and they named here Kinsley Hope. Love my girls!