Monday, April 21, 2008


You can only hike and look for wildflowers so much. Sometimes you just have to take a break and go out on the town.

Saturday night we all met at Bonefish in Knoxville and started out with Bang-Bang Shrimp, and great bread dipped in olive oil, salt, and pepper! Then we gorged on fresh seafood like salmon, grouper, wolf fish, shrimp, and scallops! Of course it all had to be washed down with Yuengling draft!

It seems we always go out to eat somewhere each year around this time, evidenced by the arrival of young boys and girls all dressed for their local proms! We saw them same time, same place, last year, but we have also enjoyed watching them at Carrabba’s in years past. Note how the Dragons are critiquing the gowns! Oh yeah, check out the tux with the backward ball cap! Where's Mr. Blackwell when you need'em?

Another group arrived as we were standing outside, letting our food settle, so I decided to be their paparazzi for the evening. I have no idea who these people were, but some took the time to wave or smile at the camera. Oh well, it distracted me from my original intention of going next door to Maggie Moo’s for a double dip of cookies’n cream! As you can tell I didn't need it anyway!

After meeting in the parking lot to exchange magazines, and making it look like a dope deal going on out of the trunk, we made plans to meet up at Borders Book Store. There I found and bought two of Cormac McCarthy’s books. Jeff (FHB) got me started reading again by sending me “No Country for Old Men” and demanding I read it before he returns to pick it up! Well, I saw the movie, and have since finished the book, and I thoroughly enjoyed them both! I now look forward to reading All the Pretty Horses (1992) and The Road (2006).

Well, at least three of the Dragons will be back on the shopping trail tomorrow, while Steve works, Ron delivers an old bedroom suit to a local “goodwill” type store, and I mow the lawn!

However, another rest day comes Tuesday evening for Ron and me as we are set to enjoy a group called “Son Volt” at Knoxville’s legendary Bijou theater. Of course, we will stop in at the Downtown Grill & Brewery prior to show time to enjoy a burger and micro-brewed Downtown Ale!

Now be sure to follow all the links…I worked hard on them, and you might actually learn something!


*Goddess* said...

The facial hair is looking good:)

Chris said...

You get out on the town more than we do and we LIVE in town. That is sad. We've got to get out and do something!

On the bright side, my 8 y/o did catch his first fish on his own today!

Buck said...

Well, yeah...I DID learn sumthin'. Here I thought Son Volt was a guy, not a group. And I have one of their albums, too.

Mushy said...

Thanks's just for you!

Chris - That is a special day for a boy...take him to Wild Wings to celebrate!

Buck - Never too old...are we?!

Old Soldier said...

Looks like you work to hard. Having to much fun will get you down everytime. Guess i'll have to take my other half out tonight, as it is our 29th anniversary. Damn how did she put up with me all these years.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Looks like a great time, and the food sounds wonderful. I love the bread and olive oil thing. We get that here at Carraba's and another place.

And I'm glad to hear about the books. I read "Horses" a good while back and there was a movie made of it but it's not as good a telling as the movie version of "No Country". "Horses" is one book of a trilogy, including "The Crossing" and "Cities of the Plain". They're called the Border Trilogy. I think if you keep it up you're in for some great reads brother. No pressure.

You know I love to see you guys out havin' a great time. Everyone looks healthy and happy. Cheers to everyone.

Hammer said...

I could give up butter if supplied with enough good olive oil and pepper.

Looks and sounds like a good outing.

Jose said...

Wow, that sounds like fun and you actually got me thinking of food too. Agrrr! Now I'm hungry. Well I just saw three of my nieces go to their senior prom. My younger daughter served as their personal makeup artist. What a special time in any youngsters life. I close my eyes and think it was yesterday I was graduating.

Suldog said...

As promised, you are now a character in the stupidest play ever written. Well, actually, I didn't promise to make you a character in the stupidest play ever written, but that's how it turned out. Come see for yourself:

catscratch diva said...

Again, I'm jealous. I'm sure we'll cross paths sooner or later.
I actually do act like a grown up when out in public rather than the vulgar, scary thing I portray here!

pat houseworth said...

Not used to spending that much time looking up "links", but it was worth the trip.

Jerry said...

Y'all always look like you'rev having a great time. What a fun bunch!