Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Ron, our Dragons, and I went to Knoxville’s Farmer’s Market on Market Square today, but it’s just a tad early for much to be happening. There was water cress, some homemade jewelry, and some baked bread, rolls, a hot dog or two, but no huge baskets of corn, tomatoes, peppers, etc. that I wanted to photograph. We'll try again in a few weeks.

However, it was not a complete disappointment, Ron and I began sampling beer at around noon, and finished up around 5PM!

We began with a Yuengling "Black and Tan" on draft, the first time I'd seen that flavor around these parts, and it was yummy.

It went real well with the Chicken Chorizo & Egg Enchiladas I had for breakfast just an hour earlier at Mimi’s Cafe! The girls shared a breakfast sandwich of eggs, ham, cheese, and bacon on Ciabatta bread!

Judy and Neena did some heavy shopping in Earth to Old City giving Ron and I plenty of time to slowly enjoy our brews and watch all the interesting people pass by on their lunch breaks. We also made our plans for the upcoming "Sundown in the City" performances for this spring and summer.

Sundown in the City:

May 15: North Mississippi All Stars

May 29: Robert Earl Keen with Jypsi

After forcing Neena away from the Channel 6 News reporter and camera (she just knew they were going to use her for a “man” in the street interview, but apparently they preferred the old man) we moved on to Mast General Store and perused the great outdoors clothing and accessories. The ladies walked through and touched everything they saw. They finally wore Ron down and he had to rest in one of the rockers…of course, I soon joined him, and forced myself not to buy any of their great selection of candy.

Later, we decided to walk on down to the Downtown Grill & Brewery for a White Mule (the lighter beer full of hops!) and a Downtown Alt (darker for me). After the second round the girls showed up and joined us. We shared some hot pretzels and another beer before moving on to O’Charley’s Restaurant for another round of appetizers (chicken quesadillas and pretzel crushed chicken fingers)! The Yuengling was served in 20 ounce glasses and they both went down great!

Judy and Neena drove us home and I’m sure Ron did as I did, sleep all the way! I was still asleep on the couch when the news ended!

It was just another great day in “retirement world!”


Suldog said...

Please, Mushy, you must stop posting photos of yummy food and beer! I read these things at work. After reading your dining posts, I am useless until lunch.

(Well, to be honest, I'm useless pretty much all the time, but still...)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm...I wanna be retired!!! :)

catscratch diva said...

I adore Downtown and all of the cool stuff they have going on nowdays. We do Sundown quite often and will most likely be prowling around there tonight as miniME loves it!

Buck said...

I like "Sundown in the City's" first two gigs... both acts are faves.

Dang. Retirement really IS a beeyotch, ain't it? But someone's gotta do it. Might as well be us. For The Children. ;-)

*Goddess* said...

"Sampling the beer" eh? You say that almost as if you don't know what it all tastes like by now;)

Mushy said...

Oh never get to that point...they're always cooking up something new! So little time!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Another great time. That breakfast sandwich looks wonderful. Juicy wonderfulness. Can't wait to see what a Yuengling tastes like off the tap. I'm flying to Syracuse and then riding up to Canada in about a month to go fishing with Bob. I plan to seek out some of that stuff and sample it. Maybe the hotel there in Syracuse will have a bar.

I love the picture of Neena tryin' to jack her way onto the TV. Those women crack me up.

And nice mirror/window shot. tricky, tricky. next thing you'll be holding the thing with yer chin and... Naaaaa.

pat houseworth said...

Me loves my "retirement world", and no day that includes good friends along with a few brews and good food can be a dissapointment.

Chris said...

We love Mast General. My favorite part is the candy section....yesteryear's "penny candy" at todays prices :)

Mushy said...

Chris - Exactly! But nice to browse!