Saturday, April 12, 2008


Katie Bug was visiting Thursday evening when the phone rang. It was Tracy, her mother, so I handed the phone to Katie. Suddenly she screamed and made the gesture I captured at right! The scream pierced both mine and Judy’s ears, but we guessed what the exciting news must be…yep, her parents had just made a good deal on a 2003 Isuzu Axiom on her behalf!

As it turned out, it was very late when all the paperwork was finished, so Katie had to wait a whole day to show us her car. She was so excited she could hardly sit still all day at school, but finally the moment came and she was free to go. She will have a “driver’s permit” until her 16th birthday in July, so her mother let her drive straight over to show the car off to us this afternoon.

While they were on their way, the weather service issued a Tornado Warning for our area, with one actually touching down about 20 miles west of us and was supposedly headed our way. I was glued to the Doppler on the Internet and watching the local weather trying to figure out which way the storm was expected to travel. The weather service kept breaking in on the cable box telling us of the impending danger, but the real barometer of coming storms lay in the hall by the back door! Baylee is terrified of thunder! When she scratches to get in, we know that we too will soon be hearing the thunder.

As soon as Katie arrived I told her that “golf ball size hail was on the way!” She told me to put her car in the basement. I said okay, but “help me take it apart first!” Of course I was half teasing her, but I was a little concerned at how the weather was shaping up around us.

Katie and Tracy arrived just before the rain started and had time to ride us around the neighborhood pointing out all the Axiom’s features. She said there will be “no open drinks or ketchup in this baby”! I was so happy for her and kept trying to explain that it was “just a thing” and that “people are much more important.” I also added how blessed she was, especially since I did not have my own car until after Vietnam…’course she didn’t hear any of it.

Tracy and Katie stayed until the storm passed to the northwest of us, as they are prone to do, and then left. I’m sure her mother got the grand tour and that they traveled the long way home. You remember how it was when you got your first car don’t you – everybody just had to see it!

She is a very blessed young woman with many people who love her dearly.


Sarge Charlie said...

I do remember min, it was a 1939 ford with the right back fender rusted and broke loose at the seam, no matter, it was a car, I paid my uncle $40 for it.

Sarge Charlie said...

I moved up in class when my brother went into the Airforce, he has a 1950 Studebaker which he could not make the payments on, that would have been 1955, I took that car and made the payments.

*Goddess* said...

My first car was a Buick Century...a gawdawful turquoise color.

BTW, I hope Katie's parents don't allow her to drive with other kids in the car for at least a year! (Yeah, as a mom, I'm a drag:) It's one of the main reasons kids that age have accidents, and since there were three 16 y.o.'s killed here last weekend, while the fourth passenger was critically injured, it's uppermost in my mind. The driver only had her license a month.

Walker said...

She's is indeed a very fortunate young lady!

I would LOVE to have a 2003 Axiom.

And I could have had one, but put in a swimming pool instead. No new cars... but I'm going to enjoy the summer evenings. hahaha.

Congrats Katie.

Shrinky said...

Oh yes, she is indeed blessed! Ah, it's so scary, and exciting too. We've promised our eldest his first car in September (for his 17th birthday). Now I am a bag of nerves counting down the months. I have a mantra "All will be well, all will be well" and I''m sure it will.. won't it?

Hard as it is, you have to let them fly (or drive), and trust them for the good sense they have been raised with. It's a fine car she has there, fitting for the fine lady she's grown to be.

BRUNO said...

A-HA! Some of my Missouri "global-warming" hailstorms made it over that plateau, did they?

And as guilty as I am myself, finally being able to own a "modern-age" vehicle for once, todays' "wheels" just don't have that same "coolness" of those REAL cars and trucks we grew-up on, and around!

Guess that's why we got old---all of our "coolness" leaked out of our worn seals...!

Mushy said...

True...mine leaked everywhere!

Actually, little of the rain and wind, and none of the hail made it over. It rained a while and then the sun came out. The worst went to both sides of us.

Buck said...

That's quite the ride for a young lady of Katie's age. And she really looks happy!!

Good on her!

Misty Dawn said...

She is so precious! YAY for her. She sounds like a great gal, and I can tell that you are extremely proud of her and love her very much. She is blessed to have you and Judy. This is such a great post!

Old Soldier said...

Must be nice. I do rember my first, bought it with the money I saved while in Nam. by the way you gave been TAGGED. Sorry Bro

pat houseworth said...

First Car:

1960 White Ford Falcon 3 speed stick on the column....2nd one was a Red 62 Falcon 3 speed Mystery Shift on the flood...Damnn I love that 2nd car!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

That's a great car. Bet she'll have it full of chattering teenage girls in no time. Should produce a blog post or two in the next few years.

My first car, tyhast is, the first one I drove, was a light brown AMC Hornet hatchback. The first one I paid fpor was a 91 Jeep Cherokee. I put 342,000 miles on that thing till the constant, unfixable oil leaks and worn out engine led me to trade it in on the Solara.

Lin said...

Wow, she's blessed indeed!

I bought my first car in my early 20s. It was 40 years old by then ... needed a little work, of course. Didn't get another one until 10 years later but at least it was brand spanking new that time so I can imagine how excited Katie must have been!

Becky said...

Wow, that's a really nice first car! I got my mom's hand-me-down but it still wasn't bad (a Jeep Cherokee). Being on the road during a tornado warning and having the sky turn almost black on you is scary! I don't miss that weather at all.