Wednesday, March 19, 2008


You’ve all seen her fancy colored fingernails in So Long Nigel, so you might as well see her “wa’urmelon toez,” as she called them, using her best English accent! An accent that is quite good, if I may say so. She’s pretty gifted in mimicking accents, like the time she came away from a perfume counter on a cruise telling me the prices of different sizes in her interpretation of a South African inflection, “It’s $19.95 for the smoll Papaw, or $29.95 for the larrz!

As you can imagine how it cracked me up when I came by the couch where she and her Granny were lounging, and encountered her feet suddenly thrust before me, toes up, and her saying, “See me wa’urmelon toez, Papaw?”

Oh, those are sharp! Does everyone paint’em up like that,” I asked, looking over at Judy out of the corner of my eyes?

Nope, just me…I started to put my initials on’em…KT,” she said proudly.


Yes! You know, KT…K A T I E? That’s all I put on my school papers now…just KT! Everyone knows it’s me!”

Hummm, maybe you’ll start a trend,” I said as I winked at Judy.

No doubt,” she said. So, I added the letters using Photoshop, just to see what the fad could have been!

It's hard to believe that almost 16 years ago this was her:

She’s a wonder, and always surprising and refreshing to be around, and I love it!


Lucky Lady said...

I think they are cute and KT is a cute nick name she must be a sweetie

Mushy said...

She'll always be Katie Bug to me, and she is a sweetie.

Thanks for the visit!

BRUNO said...

What're you gonna paint YOURS with---Rustoleum primer???

Mushy said... high's the water man?

服從到只一 A.K.A: Sugar Cat said...

Too cute! Wish mine was that age again!! Well, let me think about here for a second! Yep! Wish mine was that age again! LOL!!!

Shrinky said...

She's not only cute, she has obviously inherted her grandpops creative mind, too!

I think she'll go far.

Suldog said...

She's a special one, for sure. I love people who aren't afraid to be themselves, and she sure seems like one of those.

BRUNO said...

Aw, hell dude---I can see GRASS today!

Now I need to go fire-up my tractor, and re-claim MY gravel from the ditches, before the highway dept. lays claim to it....!

Jose said...

Ahhhhh! The joys of being a granpa, they are endless.

Buck said...

A sure sign summer is on the way... freshly painted toenails! ;-)

Nice P-Shop job there, Mushy. You got your angles perfect!

Anonymous said...

James Paul, that was a wonderful video of a precious young lady! Belle

Debbie said...

How sweet. Worth every cent, huh grandpa?

Thought you might enjoy this blast from the past:

Burma Shave!

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

*Goddess* said...

She's so cute. I love the fact that the baby doll is almost as big as Katie is in that video:)

Misty Dawn said...

What a sweet post! "KT" - I love it!

Diva said...

Awww, I think it's adorable!