Friday, May 11, 2007


Okay, so I’m on my way to physical therapy this morning and the THP hides its car back inside a fenced in “u store it” lot, and caught me doing a whopping 33 MPH in a school zone! Hell – I can walk faster than that!

I tried to get the Trooper to put 150 MPH on it, but he had no sense of humor and obviously was not from the 60’s! He had no compassion for a “sixties kind of guy” at all! How embarrassing to get a “speeding” ticket for 33 MPH! There was not a fuzzy and/or pimply faced high school kid in sight and not another single car!

I’ll never live it down…33…it might as well been 67 in a 55 like all the others!


*Goddess* said...

Isn't the speed limit in a school zone FIFTEEN?! Foreshame, Mushy!!

HollyB said...

Nah, it's 20 in most places, 25 in some. But still, Mushy...couldn't you have pointed out some other infraction for him to cite you for...say no insurance, lapsed inspection, Sumthin'?
That is gonna be hard to live down, Speed Demon!

Mushy said...

Ah...two Goddesses and another purdy gal from Texas! Thanks for dropping in!

*Goddess* said...

Wow. That fast?'s 15 here and I know cuz I have to drive through it every moanin'.

Fathairybastard said...

Man, last week I got one of those on the base. Got out of class early enough to get some take-out from Beijing, and had that Gen. Tso's on my mind. The fuckers got me going 45 in a 25. Acted like I was drunk driving or something, and threatened to suspend my "privileges" to drive on the base. Cost me $80, but it's federal, so it doesn't get reported to the state, effecting my insurance.

Thing is, it isn't a school zone. It's a long strait four laner, but the soldiers walk across the street all the time, and they have the right of way. They get people there all the time. Speed trap.

Old joke:

Guy gets stopped by a cop for speeding. The cop pulls him over, walks up to the window and asks the guy what job he has that would cause him to be in such a hurry (typical pain-in-the-ass remark).

The guy says he's actually a doctor, specializing in sphincter expansion.

The cop looks at him and asks "What the hell is a sphincter expander?"

The guy says "well, we take peoples sphincters and stretch them out to about 6 feet."

The cop asks "What the hell do people do with a 6 foot sphincter?"

The guy says "Well, they put them behind a bridge with a radar gun."

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Aw, hon,

I feel your pain. This small island of mine houses one scarey stalker of a cop, who spends his entire working life tracking me down. I've had no tickets, just one long caution for anything remotley verging on "could lead on to be dodgy". He then follows through, by phoning me at home to continue his lectures (I jest you not).

They wear white pointy helmuts on their head, just to illustrate what pricks they are.

Safe driving, sweetie!

Mushy said...

Tickets don't scare me...I've had many, even was on 1 year probation once, and now that I'm retired, hell it gives me something else to do. Wait until I start snaping pictures in the court room and explaining it's for "mushy's" - ha!

Fathairybastard said...

Calls you at home? Jesus, here that would be grounds for some sort of accusation of stalking.

Anonymous said...


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