Sunday, May 20, 2007


I love rummaging through my drawers! They’re actually getting big enough that you could get in them with me and walk around!

Seriously, I was fumbling through stacks of papers in my bedroom dresser and came across, yet another masterpiece, this old doodle at the top of some notes I took years ago, probably about 1978, while just beginning my communications career.

I know it was 1978 because that is my Trans Am sitting in the driveway with red fire coming out of the exhaust, and black marks running up the drive. That’s also the little bungalow I bought after my divorce. It was a great little 2-bedroom house, with gas logs, carpet, and much peace and quiet. Note the CB antenna (on the house and car) the “Black Max” used to broadcast hot tunes from the turntable, and check out the female CBer’s on the weekends! I suppose that was the beginning of “Friday Night Blues!” I’m sure the FCC tried many a night to triangulate my “twenty.”

Ah…what a time I had there! Truthfully, it began lonely, but with music, women, pen and paper, I worked out my issues and grief and got on with my life. I think you could say I grew there – yeah, you can say that!

I apparently thought more about home and things to do outdoors than I ever did about the job, from the looks of my notebooks. However, I somehow survived, even got promoted regularly, even if I doodled instead of focusing on work problems. But, who is to say I was not thinking about solutions when I did my scribbling? I think I probably did, otherwise, I would not have had the opportunity to sit, think, and doodle quite as long as I did!

It’s been said that doodling, an unfocused drawing, can help you to think more creatively, unlock a mental block, and brainstorm ideas. Damn, I must have been good!


Miss Trashahassee said...


That right there's some funny stuff, sho'nuff is!

There's always a Trans Am somewhere in a Baby Boomer's memoirs. I got my first kiss in a Smokey and the Bandit T.A. Too bad it wasn't from Burt Reynolds. Not even close. More like Howdy Doody, plastic lips an' all. Ick!

Creative peoples doodle on everything. Bet your schoolwork had some interesting drawings for the teachers!

Miss T

Mel said...

My dad was a big doodler. I would love to have some of his doodles now, thats great that you still have one from 1978 (I graduated high school that year)

*Goddess* said...

Good thing you pointed out that was a Trans Am. When I first glanced at that pic I wondered why that Star Wars character was standing next to your house...LOL!

Les Becker said...

I always find it a little freaky to discover those things when years have gone by. Of course, mine are mostly "to-do" lists... "Oh, yeah. I should do that."

Mushy said...

Hey, it does look like that's where the idea came from...I should sue!

I just noticed the smoke coming from the chimney and the geese - what details!

Texas Gal said...

Cool Mushy, thanks for linking the Super Redneck logo to the music video I produced! I’ll have to talk to Redneck Texan about doing the same over at the Reserve!

And thanks for the links to your blog…sss. I really enjoy your writing style. But, good grief, how do you keep up with so many? I may have to ban myself from your cooking blog though, ;) I was in the middle of reading some of the recipes and had the hankerin’ for some homemade banana pudding and I ain’t got no bananas! So I’m off the grocery store!

Nice doodle btw. I think doodling in a indication of a very complicated mind!

Yep, I miss my ’72 Mustang too. Gettin rid of it was the worse decision I ever made.

Mushy said...

Thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

As a reward...I've hidden "South Park Mushy" in the sidebar - just for you!

singleton said...

gotta love those trans am days....Fast and loud! And um, what is that peeking out the living room window?

Mushy said...

They were loud, but when you put on headers and ended the short pipe with "cherry bombs" you couldn't hear the 8-track!

I remember my mom was going with me somewhere and she opened the door and put one foot in just as I fired her up! She said, "What's wrong with your car?"

I said proudly, "Nutin'!"

Shrink wrapped scream said...

Oh, those darn doodles get me into so much trouble..

What a wonderful discovery - a little time capsule, eh?

BRUNO said...

Looks like I need to do more doodilin', or however you'd like to spell it! It's still-yet a great "relief-valve" for the brain, even in todays' "digitally-reproduced" world!(Do "stick-people" count?)!

Mushy said...

Stick folk count Bruno!

Fathairybastard said...

Man, yer givin' me ideas about other stuff I'll have to find and scan. I used to doodle all through school, in stead of school work, so they got pretty elaborate. Cool pic, and cool car. I'll never for get the lust we used to feel when one of those things rolled by the high school. Dad and I actually test drove a gold one once. And yer story about the headers is hilarious. A buddy of mine in high school had an old beat up station wagon with headers on it. We used to load that thing up and take it to the lake. I LOVED that sound. Good times. Good memories.

Miss Trashahassee said...

What about five-pointed stars and 1970s smiley-faces? Do those count, too?

David Sullivan said...

I used to doodle oodles and oodles of boobies. Those were the days..He He

Suldog said...

Gotta like the flames coming out of the exhaust! You had to go out of your way to get a red pen for that. It shows attention to detail!

Becky said...

Were you on the creative side in marketing? I like how it was possible for a single guy to purchase his own home in 1978. Doesn't seem possible nowadays.

Mushy said...

Oh Lord Becky...that was after my divorce and my X gave me $10K equity out of the house we built. This is fodder for a post later, but long story short, I married in '68, went to school, lived with her parents, saved and built the house, lived in it 2 years before the break up.

I put $5K on the house, and $5K into the Trans Am and moved into the bachelor pad.

I was in advertising management and sales...but wanted to be a creative copy writer. Wife didn't want to move to Atlanta so I could do big time, so I worked in sales with a local newspaper before getting a job with the gov't.