Saturday, May 05, 2007


Never let it be said that turkeys are defenseless little birds that should not be hunted! Look what one did to my brother-in-law’s quad-runner!

Seriously, Gary was scouting an area this morning and had to ford a small creek. It rained cats and dogs last night, so the water high in the hills finally made it to the valley creeks just after they crossed.

Coming back to get back to their vehicles, the creek had risen some three to four feet! The only way out was across the water, so they tried it and the water washed the Polaris Ranger some two-hundred yards down the creek. When Gary first stepped out, it was chest high! The water had gone down a lot by the time these shots were taken.

Gary lost a lot of gear, including his cellphone, keys to his truck, the windshield and seat cushion, but got out with his shotgun, the clothes on his back, and his life! His punishment was a long cold walk out!

He has been hinting for me to go with him some, but if turkeys are this dangerous, I will probably continue sleeping in!

Glad you are fine Gary…do not do that again!


Shrink wrapped scream said...

Jeez, seriously scarey, don't let him loose without an escort next time! (No, Mushy, not THAT sort of an escort. Mind you, if it helps keep him out of danger..who am I to judge?)

Glad only the vehicle got trashed, guess someone was looking out for him, eh?

Miss Trashahassee said...

Whoa mercy! Gary shoulda checked out the river readins' reports before he left that mornin, for sure! Thank goodness he's OK.

Whenever I read/hear about turkey huntin' an' shootin', I think about one of the bestest dang movies of all time: "Sergeant York." Gobblegobblegobble!

Miss T

Mushy said...

Love Sgt. York...he was from around these parts actually - near Jametown, TN.

The quad was not too bad off. As luck would have it, the tractor owner used to work for a Polaris dealership and took it home to drain, dry out, and clean. Should run find, but he'll need a new windscreen and front seat cushion!

Mushy said...

I posted this on "Shrinks" page, and thought some of you might be interested as well.

First let me say, I did not put the copyright stamp on the quad shots because they are not mine!

Here is a link to a little piece of software that will resize your photos and paste a copyright stamp in any of the corners you chose.

I use it most the time now - check one mine out and you'll see a little Cc JPaul 2007 in the lower right corner.

I could easily be cropped out, but at least I have evidence it was originally mine and that I claimed a copyright to it.

Mel said...

Its karma for hunting poor defenseless animals :) Seriously, Thats scarey!

Alex said...

He turned it into one of those amphibious cars. You know, the ones they have at every rural theme park, which they dress up to look like a '57 Chev?

Fathairybastard said...

People die all the time misjudging the power of water. Happens here all the time, when it rains a lot and someone tries to drive across a low water bridge. Dangerous. He's very lucky. Looks like everything is gonna work out fine, and he's got a good story and some cool pictures. And the turkeys will always be there. They may be "defenseless" but they taste GOOOOOOD!

Suldog said...

Good story. And lucky to have not been hurt in gaining it!

Becky said...

Yeah, that's why the woods scare me!

Lin said...

Great story! Here's some photos of what can happen in our washes. Look for the Nov. 30, 2006 entry at
It makes you really respect the power of even a little bit of water.