Monday, April 30, 2012


Yep, nothing like family, and Sunday dinner and picking up Lily from school on Monday were great blessings for me.

Even having my four-legged grand-dog give me her "Wha'chu Talkin' 'Bout?" look put a smile in my heart!

Saturday out with the Knights (Ron and Steve), watching radio controlled airplanes and helicopters circle above our heads, sipping brews with pizza, are so much fun, but there is nothing like close family time.

Judy out did herself by cooking a 4-hour pot roast with potatoes, carrots, slaw, mac'n cheese, green beans, cornbread, and pecan pie for desert.  She invited Tracy, Katie, and Eddie over and they brought Roxy to beg at the table for leftovers!

We had a good time in the sun-room, relaxing, rubbing our bellies, watching Judy and Katie trying to find enough room in one chair, and teasing Roxy.  It was a very relaxing day.  We need more of those family times over a good meal, and Judy has promised to do it more often.

Since Katie had to get back to school to study for finals, the party broke up early.  However, it was the second day Judy and I had her around.  She had actually spent Friday night with us, giving them alone time piled up in the bed talking about boys, TV shows, and what was for breakfast!

Saturday morning she left early to attend a ball game with her young cousin, and I left to join Ron and Steve at the Tennessee Eagles airfield.

So, the weekend went fine and ended too soon.  It used to be sad because we knew we had to go to work Monday morning, but now it's sad because family has to leave to get ready for work and college.

However, for us, the family time continues on Mondays.  That's the day we pick Lily up after school.  

This Monday was to be a special day, a short visit with my mom.  We always stop and get something for a picnic out in her sun room.  Mom loves the time with Lily, 'cause she don't get to see Lily, or her sister, very often.  She watched every move Lily made, and she was in rare form today.

Lily laughed, poked fun at us, danced, flipped her hair band at us, and, in general, thoroughly entertained us.  These days she is quite different from her shy beginnings.  She rubs against us and hugs us, lets us hug and kiss on her, which used to be a "no no".  She was once quite independent and didn't like people touching her, but, boy, has that changed!  It's a change I've waited for for almost six years now!

We laughed at her blue tongue, from the "Blue Coconut" slush she wanted from Sonic, and simply adored every little thing she did and said.

So, tomorrow is Tuesday, and we're back to being by ourselves, which we also enjoy, but not like the times when family is around.  

Those are the "family days"!

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