Monday, October 26, 2009


I visited my mom this morning and stayed until after lunch. She is doing well now and her appetite has been changed by the Prednisone her pulmonary has put her on. This steroid should help clear her lungs of fluid and inflammation. I’m hoping to take her home Wednesday.

She wanted KFC, not the wimpy stuff either, the full fat original recipe dark meat with slaw, mac and cheese, and a big biscuit! She loves her some KFC biscuits! She ate both pieces of chicken and a large portion of the sides. I was so happy to see her eat like that!

I left early so I could get home and see Lily. It’s been two weeks since I’ve gotten to see her, so I met her and Judy at Riverfront Park in Harriman. Lily had made friends with a little girl about a year younger and they became each other’s shadows.

The two girls played hard for about 2 hours in the cool, clear, fall air, with the bright colored trees in the background. The little one even learned to slip down the slide on her belly like the older one. It is a shame the two girls may never see each other again.

It took a little gentle coaxing to get her back in the car seat, but we were soon at home, and she was tucked in for an afternoon nap.

Before she knew it, her dad arrived to gather her and her day-school things up for the ride to their house. Corey, Judy, and I visited for about 30 minutes before waking her, but it was time enough to ask Corey to accompany me to the Joe Bonamassa concert Tuesday evening. He agreed, so I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s night on the town!

More on that later!

It was a lovely day in our neighborhood!


FHB said...

Cool! Glad the hear the two of you goin. I didn't think that was Judy's kind of jam. George Jones maybe.

BRUNO said...

I'm tryin' to soak-up even the "semi-lovely" days! It'll soon be "Ugly-Season" again!

Oh, how I've missed bustin' my ass, slippin' on that frozen gravel in my drive, while struggling to start the generator, when the power goes off, and it's hovering at 15-above!

Yes, indeed! "Tis the season...!"

Suldog said...

Those are beautiful photos, Mushy. And the news about your Mom continues to be good - love hearing about her craving some of the colonel's good stuff :-)

Mushy said...

UPDATE...she IS coming home Wednesday!

Sandi McBride said...

Wonderful wonderful news about your Mom! I admire her good taste in culinary fare...none of that grilled crap for me...nor do I want caffeine free coffee...and their slaw is the best...I may have them beat on the biscuits...tell your Mom our prayers are still going strong for her and to eat hearty!