Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Corey had a lot of Christmas Shopping to do Saturday, so he called me and asked me to go with him. As I’ll explain in my next post, I don’t shop for anyone but the grandkids, but I don’t ever miss an opportunity to be with me son. I’ll even cancel doctor’s appointments if necessary, because my time with him has always been short and scheduled. Corey time” is special and I live for it, no matter how short it is!

We hit the road and headed for Oak Ridge for a very important stop. I can’t reveal to you the details of this stop, because Tia reads my blog! Suffice it to say that she will be totally surprised and very pleased. ‘Nuff said!

From there we drove on to West Town Mall in Knoxville. There was a little “Tinker Bell” house at the Disney Store just waiting for Santa, and Papaw Elf, to pick up! Check out Corey on the phone to his wife, Tia, making sure this was the correct item! It takes concentration and coordination to get all the shopping done correctly and on time!

Eventually, as we wandered the mall, we came upon the traditional Santa Claus photo opportunity. This little girl was very frightened of the bearded old man, and it took her “papaw” to calm her down long enough for a photo, and for Santa to ask her questions.

Out in the parking lot, as you will see in the red circle of the attached photo, I spotted one of the new Police mobile watch towers! I don’t know if they are there year-round, but I suspect so. There are always break-ins, muggings, and even rapes in and around most mall parking lots. This is the city’s way of reducing that possibility, and ensuring its residents and visitors have a safe shopping experience.

From the mall, we headed for Dick’s…I love Dick’s – don’t you?!

At Dicks, Corey found a nice jogging suit for his brother-in-law, and I had a great time searching through the sale items. However, I came away empty handed, having talked myself out of a couple of nice shirt purchases. I often do that, and then end up regretting having passed up the deal.

It was then on to Best Buy, where Corey again looked for something another special gift for his wife. He found it too, but I’ll not tell!

I purchased a Bejeweled 2 game for Judy, having lost her Jewel Quest game during the conversion to her new laptop! She still wants her old game back, so I’ll have to shop some more!

Finally, we made it to Wild Wings! I know, I was just there a couple of days ago, but I love Wild Wings!

I did not have wings, I had one of their yummy wraps instead, and Corey had the “buffalo wings” and lots of tea! I couldn’t resist having a couple of Yuenglings…they just tasted so good Saturday!

On the way home we played WIMZ very loud and played “Guess that band”! We always have a great time, and I’m already looking forward to next time!


AirmanMom said...

Sounds like a blast!
Merry Christmas!

~AirmanMom returning to her blog...

Les Becker said...

I absolutely HATE shopping - Christmas or otherwise - it's just too tiresome. Even reading about YOUR excursion tired me out!

As usual, though, I loved sharing a meal with you!

Anna said...

You are such a wonderful father!

Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging in 2009.

Anna :)

Jose said...

I know what you mean about father and son time. My son and I grab any opportunity we have to just go out and enjoy a game or to see a car show. It's always some of the best time I have.

Goddess said...

*Keeping my fingers crossed for Tia that it was a JEWELRY store!!*

BRUNO said...

Is that watch tower actually manned? Or is it a video-only post? I noticed the cruiser below it, but was wondering exactly how these work?

If there's anybody actually IN that little cube up there, it sure wouldn't be the place you'd wanna be after a Mexican dinner.....!

Pat Houseworth said...

I don't know how you stay so slim and trim Mushy?



Mushy said...


Becky said...

I think every city must have it's own Dick's. Ours is kind of a 50s drive in burger fast food place. Best burger in town.

Probably a smart call on that police tower for the mall, considering all the crime that seems to happen there.

Buck said...

First time I've ever seen one of those mobile towers... except for down along the Rio Grande. Lots of 'em down that way, and they're manned, too.

Sounds like a good day out, Mushy.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Scott from Oregon said...


Beer and hot wings...

My poor dieting mind...

FHB said...

We did the same thing Saturday. Wal Mart, the Killeen mall. They had one of those cop tower things there too. Saw one the last time we did the gun show in Dallas too.

I think it's just a camera remote, but who knows. You gotta know some cop is walkin' around tellin' folks he was the first dude to get laid in the camera truck.

Then it was lunch at Chedder's. The Smokehouse burger and a tall one.

Then it was the Super Target, the liquor store and then Dicks.

I went back to the mall today alone to get a few more things.

Sounds like you guys had a blast. Special times. Glad for ya. Enjoy the holidays brother.

tincantom said...

Man, you're OK if you can even make shopping in Christmas crowds be fun! Always enjoy stopping here.

Lin said...

Merry Christmas, Mushy!!

I'm so glad that Grandpa Elf got to spend some excellent shopping mischief time with Corey. You're so with the game to take every opportunity you have. Bless ya for knowing it and lovin' it.

Michele said...

Quite a handsome boy ya got there!! *S*

I also hate to shop and do mine online; best invention since sliced bread!

Hope your holiday is merry and bright.

Jerry said...

Merry Christmas, Mushy. Let's get together in '09.