Wednesday, June 20, 2007


My wife and I stopped by the newly opened Wild Wings Café located at Campbell Station Road in Knoxville Monday afternoon. I had just gotten the bad news about my shoulder, previously posted, and so hot wings and beer was in order!

There are so many ways you can order wings there (31 in fact) that it’s gets down right confusing! We ordered 25, five each with different marinates, and they were wonderful. We remember all the names except the fifth one, but our favorites were the Tennessee Fireball – 4 peppers hot (appropriately named for the state of location), Cheddar Jalapeño – 2 peppers hot, and a Glazed Honey with a kick!

Yes, we ate every last one!

This is my wife saying her prayer before eating…really, she is the hardest person I’ve ever photographed. Her eyes are like greased lightning and shut before the flash reaches her…every time, or so it seems!


EC said...

MMMMMMM...That sounds incredibly yummy right now!!

Debbie said...

You've been tagged. Maybe it will take your mind off your shoulder

I tagged Butch at 123Beta already.

Mushy said...

I'd almost rather have a shoulder operation Debbie!

Fathairybastard said...

My sister does that same stuff; closing her eyes or stiffening up when I try to take a picture. Pathologically a huge pain in my ass.

phlegmfatale said...

But she sure is a lovely lady. Looks like y'all had a grand time!

Miss Trashahassee said...

Hot wings - yum!

As they say at Lindy's around here: "Aint no thang but a chicken wang."

Miss T

Mushy said...

Thanks Phlegm - I love her anyway!

Miss Trah - Where the hell have you been - you purdy thang!

Mel said...

We have a wild wings here too. I love the place but service is slow so I can only go there if I have lots of time. I love the chicken feathers, yummy!

Jose said...

I'a a sucker for wings I love them and probably eat more than I'm supposed to but they are so addicting. Wild Wings Cafe looks like a great place to eat, can't beat the view. I hope all goes well with your shoulder.