Sunday, August 31, 2008


People in our area usually hit the lake, take in Boomsday in Knoxville, or just sit around near an outdoor grill with the family. We chose the later, as we usually do, and thoroughly enjoyed each other.

The Knights stayed mostly on the screened porch, allowing the thermopane windows to muffle the Dragon’s cackling! We even warned Jason (Neena’s son) and his friend, who stopped by later, not to stay in there long or they would become sterile!

For some time now, the Dragons have had this “Dolly Parton” problem. Every time they eat, they invariably drop a bite or two, and their “Dolly’s” catch it! So, Terri was perusing the Net the other night and saw some “adult bibs.” When she saw you could also get a custom designs, she order everyone a bib with a big dragon emblazoned on each one. Next time we go to Red Lobster, we’ll be set!

We look like a Labor Day Celebration of Wal-Mart Greeters!

The food; charcoal grilled burgers, potato-salad, chips, and two desserts were wonderful.

Here is a close-up of mine with a couple of big bites missing! The shot of the group at the table doesn’t quite capture the happiness each was enjoying as they ate, and honest to God, Steve hadn’t had a drop to drink!

Later as we rested on the porch, to enjoy one more FHB provided cigar, and our last beer of the evening, Ron reenacted the dreaded “middle seat” experience I had on our trip back from Alaska! Of course, he is much happier sitting there between these two ladies than I was on that flight home.

As Judy and I left Neena and Ron’s, we saw two deer, one spike buck and a young doe under their apple tree. Deer are plentiful in these parts and the deer quotas have been increased. However, I’m not going again this year…too hot to think about it right now!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

I didn't get you that one. You got that at the humidor when we visited the place.

Looks like a wonderful time. Of course, I miss you guys a lot. You sure know how to have a good time. Can't wait till next year. Cheers.

Mushy said...

I figured you might clarify that statement...the others had yours, and yes, I bought that bad boy. Expensive, but the best!

BRUNO said...

I've been tempted to buy ONE Cohiba myself, once upon a time. But I had to settle for the "cheaper" Macs!(And, YES, Jeff---those CI-"knock-off" seconds I found ARE just as good as the "banded" version!)

Yeah, I had my fingers all set and poised in position to write "Wal-Mart greeters", until I read the next line where YOU beat me to it, dude...!

Mushy said...

I don't pop for $15 often, but occasionally you just have to treat yourself - I'm worth it!

Dana said...

Hey Mushy. Sorry I haven't been around much, but my other blog (Southern Gal) was on haitus until recently.

Good to see you are still on here and blogging away!

By the way, love the bibs. Might have to invest in one myself.

*Goddess* said...

Weee haw! The bra makes a great doggie bag. Never know what you're gonna find in there later on:) Hell, I've even pulled a pen cap out of mine!

Mushy said...

Kind of like my beard!

Carol said...

Sounds like a great Labor Day. Adult bibs . . . good idea!

Suldog said...

Aw, that sounds like a wonderful Labor Day, Mushy. Need I say again how great it is to have a group of really good friends? No, of course not. You know it.

Nice bibs, definitely :-)

Jose said...

Looks like you had a great easy and relaxing weekend. I opted for traveling to California and taking the kids to the beach. Once there I too turned into a kid since I had not been to Venice Beach in over 20 years. That Cohiba looks mighty tasty.

Debbie said...

Those bibs are a HOOT! I need to buy one for hubby. Seems his 'mid section' catches dribbles of everything he eats these days, ha.

Thanks for the anniversary wishes. Much appreciated.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Dollys! I hadn't heard that one before! HAHA!

Scott from Oregon said...

You all look like you are at the dentist!

catscratch said...

You couldn't pay me to go to Boomsday. No Way! Too many people around.

I'm like you and prefer to hang out with the friends at the house and enjoy good food and cold beer.

Becky said...

I can relate to the spilling on the Dolly's -- it always seems to land right there like a bulls-eye (so I just usually wear dark colors). :)

And yeah, you do kind of look like dentists!

Shrinky said...

Haha! Those bibs are priceless, Mushy. You sure do have a tight knit bunch of great buddies to hang out with.. the photo's say it all.