MUSHY'S MOOCHINGS: Patrón Silver & Jalapeño Shooters!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Patrón Silver & Jalapeño Shooters!

The Dragons and the Knights met at Ron and Neena’s for a pre-mother’s day celebration Saturday, and it began innocent enough with cigars, beer, wine, and Wild Turkey. Later we feasted on grilled hotdogs, slaw, chili, chips, and several desserts (strawberry shortcake, coconut and lemon pies)! All of us were watching our weight – as usual!

However, leading up to this, Steve began giving everyone a Doritos chip with a jalapeño resting on top. Pretty tasty with my Turkey, and that soon evolved into half a shot glass of Patron and jalapeño juice, garnished with a jalapeño in the bottom! Don’t ask me how we got on this, but the thought just hit me and soon we were into a naming contest. Most agreed “Mushy’s Magma” shooters fit the bill! Naturally, Steve and I were the only ones fool enough to try one, but after the shot, he and I agreed we liked them! Don’t knock it ‘til you try one!

It burns all the way down…very warming and satisfying!

After the dogs, Steve and I competed in a “how many deer do you see” contest, and the Knights retired to the dayroom to watch Ted Nugent reruns of Spirit of the Wild! We learned how to clean, cook, and properly eat pheasant!

I hadn’t had a cigar since Christmas; actually I don’t think any of us had, so we made up for loss time. I had a nice Vintage Macanudo that Jeff set me sometime back and then a Madura Mac that Ron gave me after he swore off.

Incidentally Jeff, the reason I was hitting the Turkey was that I sat around and let the last case of Yuengling go bad! I know, a disgrace, but I haven’t been indulging very much lately and I sampled two Friday night, prepping for Saturday night while posting my contribution of Redneck’s Reserve, and the taste was way off. I wanted to stop and get a 6-pack of Flying Dog on the way over, but we were running late, so I packed a bottle of Turkey and we were off to Ron’s.


pat houseworth said...

Sorry to say my ass would be on fire from those Jap-o-pee-nos....a couple I could handle....but not as much as they would handle me.

Diva said...

I think I'll stick with my shots of Jack and Amber chasers.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Well damn, I guess I should probably go ahead and kill off the last 6 pack of boittles I have left over from that haul too. Jim brought me new ones, including B&Ts, so I'm not as hard up anymore. That shot sounds interesting. We did some shots last time at Terlingua that were made from Patron, but it tasted like they'd dessolved a whole bag of Red Hots in there. Called it "Hot Damn". It was wonderful. Smoothe.

Good to see you guys still lettin' the hair down. Been soundin' way too somber lately.

Buck said...

I think I'll give the jalapeño shots a pass... only because of the vinegar. Now, if you put a thin (very thin!) slice of fresh habañero in the bottom of that glass... ;-)

Looks like all y'all had a great time!

Chris said...

Here's hoping those jalapenos only burn on the way in:)

Mushy said...

Buck - Now that would just be too stupid!

Chris - People say that, but I don't remember a time I had that problem. Have you?

BRUNO said...

So---how many deer DID you see, after that jalapeno-combo? Or rather, COULD you see at all, period???!

Mushy said...

Some say 8 and some say 10!

Suldog said...

Whiskey, cigars, jalapenos, good friends - what more could a man ask for?

(I know, there's probably one or two things, but that would just be greedy!)

Old Soldier said...

You sure your not a Texan. You seem to have all of our traits. Especially the Wild Turkey and anything hot.

Debbie said...

Ouch! My throat is burning just reading about those drinks. ha No hot peppers for me. As for booze, a couple glasses of wine and I'm almost a blithering idiot. Can't hold my alcohol, ha.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Mushy said...

Old Soldier - Always wanted to be anyway!

Debbie - Ah, it's not as bad as it seems...just living life more abundantly!

Becky said...

Your shots remind me of what we do here -- prairie fires, which are tequila with tabasco in them, which I think cuts the sharpness of the tequila. Most people think it's nasty but I kind of like them.