Saturday, May 17, 2008


Look at us, still just as young, slim, trim, and happy as ever…well, we’re all still the happiest and closest class ever to come out of Harriman (South Harriman) High School anyway!

Friday night, about 24 or so of us old classmates met at Jerry and Judge Gene Eblen’s (our host in easy chair) for a reunion of sorts. This group, with a few missing, has always remained very close. Everyone brought “finger foods” and the dinning room table and kitchen bar was overflowing with everyone’s favorite dishes.

Judy and I brought our famous pork tenderloin rolls, which disappeared in no time. There was everything from those to chocolate dip strawberries! What a selection!

Judy and I still run into several of our classmates like Jerry (pink top), Regina (white top) and Steve (a.k.a. Danny – fellow in the yellow shirt) Webster, Sandy Hooks (patterned top), and Donna McAbee (black top) at the grocery or Wal-Mart occasionally, and we also saw some like Ronnie Thornton (on left in table shot with rust colored jacket) and Bob Hamby (in glasses and a blue short sleeve shirt) at work, when we worked, in Oak Ridge. I run into Arty Austin (in the middle of table shot) at his liquor store “Cheers” occasionally, but for Donna Hood (brown shiny top), Patti Arp Henry (light blue top - David’s sister), Sid Hudson (seen in bathrobe standing next to Tom Hooks), David Arp (blue long sleeve shirt), Jim Hall (brown shirt-big smile), and Lee Childs (on right in table shot) it had been at least 24 years since we’ve seen them!

One thing about us, we still know how to party…’course we always did that well! I think our class is a little noted for that fact, and is probably why so many non-class members join our reunion parties!

Everyone mingled well, eventually getting round to each person and telling their favorite memories on each. Some of the ladies even discussed their crushes and old rivalries over the same guy!

Note the two photos of Judy and me with David Arp (long sleeved blue shirt). David is famous for being a main character in several of my tales, but particularly for being a member of the “Fight Club” and for getting Judy and me together at the 15th Year Class Reunion.

I appreciated the fact that David came all the way from Sarasota, Florida to attend this gathering. It was a very nice surprise to see him.

And, it was also good to see Patti's husband Jim Henry (former state senator - black top with the Tennessee logo). He's always enjoyed our class shindigs!

The other picture of me is with Jerry, who was the girl I described in “My Two Best Halloweens” that wore the “fuzzy coat!” She is also the girl that hung the monikerMUSHY” on me over 45 years ago! Strangely enough, she did not remember the historic incident.

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Sarge Charlie said...

my 50th in 05 was the coolest thing I ever did, would never miss one of these.

Lin said...

Thanks for inviting us along, Mushy. Just wish I hadn't missed the pork tenderloin rolls.

Now you're going to have to explain why Sid showed up in his bathrobe. Looked like a lead in to "Splish Splash ..."

Debbie said...

Hubby and I have never been to a class reunion. No we're not snobs. It looks like such fun. We've missed out. You're having way too much fun, makes me jealous, ha.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Mushy said...

OK...the robe bit...Sid got cold, it was chilly Friday night, so he either found the robe in the bathroom or asked the Judge for something to wear! After everyone had a laugh, he pulled his hand out of the pocket and said, "Hey, I found Gene's Viagra!"

We're all cut-ups!

Lin said...

Thanks, Mushy - that is PRICELESS! You guys will fit in flawlessly at Rat Town.

Shrinky said...

Ah Mushy, I do so envy you, I've never been to a class reunion, my parents moved around too much for me to put down roots in any particlar place. It sure looks as though a good time was had by all. Smile.

Mushy said...

Ah Carol, life is what you make of it...I attended 9 different schools growing up, but I made these friends in my junior and senior years!

You just have to latch on and pretend they've always been around. It don't matter how long they've known you, just how "mushy" you are!

david mcmahon said...

Nice work, sir. Yes, I remember the time you mentioned David. And strangely enough, I was just thinking of your narration of how you were given your nickname and hey presto, here's mention of it a few minutes later, with a picture of the person who christened you with the name. Interesting that she doesn't recall the incident!

Becky said...

That looks like a lot of fun. As a military brat, it was hard to keep up with people after they moved on to other areas. I lived in Hawaii again for 3 1/2 years from 2002 - 2005 and I rarely ran into classmates from school, even though I lived five miles from my old high school.

Jerry said...

So she's the one that called you Mushy, eh? Looks like y'all had a good time.

Sandi McBride said...

Yes indeedy, you guys have not changed a bit! You still look great...David sent me over...and to own a liquor store named Cheers...

Suldog said...

Wow! 44 years later. I was not fond of my high school years, so have never attended a reunion. More power to you!

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Sorry about beein' so late to comment, but it warms my haeart to see how you guys have managed to keep up with all these great folks.

I've never been to a class reunion and probably wouldn't go if invited. Can't see myself bein' envited. All the folks I knew then and hung out with were outside the popular socail circle of the class and wouldn't be there anyway. It might be fun, but I don't get invited and so I don't see it happenin' any time soon.

Thing is, having read about your life, these folks are so familiar now, it's like these are my classmates too. So, as usual, I love living vicariously through your past adventures and current good times. So thanks for lettin' us in and showin' us all how it could all work out. I love readin' about it all. thanks man.

pat houseworth said...

Same year as older brother Mike...Class of 64. Another good let's remember story.

Mushy said...

Thanks guys and warms my heart to know you like reading my adventures.

Got a good one coming up too!