Sunday, March 23, 2008


The Dragons and Knights gathered to gorge ourselves for Jesus Saturday, and to send a salute to Jeff with black & tans for sending us Vintage Macanudo cigars to share! Little did he know at the time he mailed them, and a neat ammo clip lighter, that Saturday would be one of the toughest days of his life.

As we raised our smokes and drinks to honor him, we knew that at that moment he was probably emptying his heart out at a gravesite in Texas.

Thanks again “our” friend for thinking of us, but it is you that need our thoughts and prayers now.

May God comfort you and your mom this, and coming weeks.

I just wanted to show you around Charlotte and Gary’s place Jeff. Their home is surrounded by acres of cleared land, not all of which is theirs, but they do have access to the fishing, hunting, and target practicing it provides. Often times you see deer in the field, along the tree line, turkey, and in the fall we sometimes shoot dove. Further down, Gary and a friend have created duck ponds and plan on countless hours of ducking hunting there this fall.

Note the huge grape vine, just one of many he has and you and Denise have already sample the bounty. The vines are already dripping their sap, getting a jump on spring.

Note the dog kennel where the couple boards up to 10 Labs they train each day, and their lovely home near Sweetwater, Tennessee.

As Judy and I arrived, Noel, Steve, and Gary were already taking turns shooting a target setup some two hundred yards away. If you look closely, you can see that Steve made the hike to retrieve the target!

Gary, formerly a Miller Lite man, has now become acommonsewer” of black & tans (Guinness Draught over Bass Ale), although if you click on the link, you will see there are numerous concoctions to enjoy with Guinness Draft!

Note that Ron holds his proudly high so that we might capture the division of color present in a properly prepared black & tan!

So, here’s to you our brother…bottoms up!


Lin said...

Clink! Puff (I'm joining you in a toast to Jeff and his mom).

Jeni said...

Very nice post aimed at FHB. Good, kind, thoughtful words -I'm sure they'll be much appreciated by him.
I also wanted to tell you I enjoyed your interview yesterday on David's blog -great job there too, Buddy!

Buck said...

Lin was kinda-sorta in the space I was gonna get into, with her "Clink! Puff" comment...

I've never seen any of your women with cigars, Mushy. Do they not indulge?

Mushy said...

No, Buck, they don't...well, come to think of it I've seen Neena (red) and Charlotte (blue) try a puff or three, but not as a habit.

Suldog said...

Black and Tan! Yum!

Nice shout out to FHB, Mushy. You're a good guy.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

That was beautiful brother. Loved it, and glad you all enjoyed the smokes. I felt your hand on my sholder that day. I was borrowing strength from you and a lot of other folks so I could hold it together for mom.

We'll all get together and do it up again when we come this summer. can't wait.

pat houseworth said...

Cigars and Beer, two of my favorite subjects.....;)

~Fathairybastard~ said...

... And tell Charlotte and Gary they have a wonderful place, and he makes wonderful wine. I've still got one of those bottles. Waiting for a special occasion to drink it. Hell, maybe this is the occasion. I don't know. We've found some great stuff here, locally made Texas wine, and plan to bring some to let you all enjoy it.

Anyway, tell everyone I said I love 'em and I'll see them in the summer.

Rachelle said...

Hi Mushy,
Prayers for Jeff, it is scary, my parents are getting so old... I pray for the day to never come.

What kind of gun do you use for your bird hunting?

~Fathairybastard~ said...

... And don't hurt yourselves tryin' all those variations. It looks like they're tryin' anything they can to make that shit palatable. Everything but 7-UP.

You'd a loved what happened at the funeral. My buddy from Ft. Worth came down and as it was letting out he told me he had two 12 packs of Yuengling in his trunk and asked me how I wanted to make the exchange. I told him "Shit, lets do it right now."

So while Bob led Denise over to see where his folks are buried and where Dad would be I headed over to Jim's car and got the beer and carried it over to my car. Denise later joked that she'd been ditched for beer, and bob told her not to worry too much. I'd be back.

So, my supply has been boosted. Just in time.

Mushy said...

Rachelle - 12 or 20 gauge works great from dove...turkey needs to be magnum of 3 1/2" variety.

I love those little creatures you raise!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

YUM! Looks like fun! I used to drink black 'n tans all the time...also called 'em half 'n halfs...back in my pub crawling days! Little known fact: My blog-mistress once was part-owner of an Irish pub! But that ended in divorce & then the building burnt down. I dont think the 2 were related! ;)

Mushy said...

Very interesting Olga...thanks for the comment.

Dave Coulter said...

Note to self: THAT'S the way to do a holiday!

(Found your blog via David McMahon's site!)