Saturday, August 04, 2007


Yep, FHB is on his way back to Texas as fast as his Solaria will take him. He has the passenger seat full of blues CDs I personally approved to keep him awake.

He stole the hearts of all the Dragons and made them all feel tiny while standing or sitting by him. I tried to stay close to take advantage of the 20 pounds you automatically lose being beside him, but they kept rooting me out! The most determined rooter was Terri…in the swing!

All the Knights seemed to find something in common with him, whether it was guns, gun history, war history, history in general, camping, or hiking. We avoided religion, politics, and Paris Hilton! I had all that plus blogging in common!

We feed him well while he was here and he could usually be found stuffing his face, sucking on a cold Yuengling from a frosty glass, or toking on a Macanudo.

We did it up right two nights! One night Judy fixed her mouth-watering steak and gravy with mashed potatoes, green peas, slaw, and cornbread! The second night we invited the family over for a traditional hamburger cook out and a bull session on the back porch.

Friday, Judy and I took him to Calhoun’s on the lake for the “all-you-can-eat” lunch buffet – all the chicken, chicken livers, catfish, BBQ pulled pork, roast beef, creamed corn, a variety of beans, fried okra and othe vegetables, salad fixings, fruits, rolls, corn bread, soups, and lots more for $12.

Then Friday night I treated him to my favorite thing - sitting on the back porch in the dark, with the blues cranked up, the wood creatures chirping, a glass of cold beer in hand, and a Macanudo sending out little smoke signals that are highlighted by the night light! Man (an or woman), it don’t get no better than that!

Several times we mentioned how nice it would be to have Bruno sitting there with us talking to the Goddess on her 1-900 number!

FHB got to visit all my hang outs, Ruby Tuesdays, Wild Wings Café (see wings photo), Calhoun’s on the lake in Lenoir City (see full plate photo), Bailey’s, and even the local Gondolier Italian Restaurant (see the Stromboli photo)! He was determined to sample all the cuisine and spirits ol’ Mushy enjoys all the time!

He will be missed around here for a few days, because he kept me busy and my mind occupied with making travel plans. I usually leave that to my brother-in-law Ron, but with FHB here, I had to do it. My head still hurts!

Anyway, FHB will always be welcome at Mushy’s! Hurry back my friend.

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