Monday, December 31, 2007


Let me begin by saying that "The Laugh & Times of Mushy" is a compilation of blog post from this Mushy's Moochings. The blog was started in early 2006 with the express intention of leaving some documentation of "who and what" I am/was to my children and grandchildren.

I was thrilled to find out that my memoirs were of interest to many of you, and especially to those I have listed in my "blogroll," which is really a list of all the new friends I made while engaged in this project.

With that said, I want everyone to know that you should feel no obligation to buy the new "self-published" book. After all, you have been privy to the posts as they happened! Therefore, please do not get the impression I am pushing this off on you.

I have ordered a "proof copy" in hard cover to review. If I am pleased with what I find, then I will go back into and make a paperback version available, which should be at least half the cost of a hardcover issue.

Unfortunately, the hardcover issue is available for $35.23 now, but, like I say, it has not been proofed, and a cheaper copy is forthcoming. That sounds like a lot, but think about it, where else can you get a final version copy of a single book one copy at a time? It cost money to provide that capability!

Inside, you will find 104,256 words, 290 pages, made up of over 118 chapters, many of which were posted here.

I will make a whooping $2.25 from the sale of each hard copy, which isn't much, but that is the nature of the game. The revenue from the paperbacks, will probably be half that! So, you can see that you would have to sell a "crap pot" full of them before making a fortune!

Incidentally, I have had "Cross+Hairs" out there for almost 2 years and I recently received $12.23 from Lulu, revenue from all the sales (most of which were mine) up to now! Man, what should I buy with that kind of cash?!

Anyway, I wanted you all to know that the choice is yours - I'll love you regardless!

Thanks for your faithful following here!

IF you so wish, please link to my "The Silverbacks" page. Although it is presently "adult humor" oriented, I will also post other items there from time-to-time, but I will no longer feel the pressure to post on a regular basis.



Mister Scott said...

congrats on all of your success... will there be a special edition of your life and times with addtional "adult orientated" material? this is the kind of stuff that "breaks the internet, you know! ;) said...

Mister Scott - I definitely have some erotic post, true stuff, but you'll not see it here or in this edition.

However, you may see some bits of them on The Silverbacks later...fictional version of course!

Thanks for the comment.

Imagesmith said...

I bought Cross+Hairs about a year ago and started to read it but I discovered that reading it on the computer just wasn't for me. I'll read a book in 2 days and it just didn't work for me. I will say I liked what I read and wanna get it printed out so I can sit and read it. I tip my hat to you none the less for getting it all in writing. Your kids & their kids will cherish it.

*Goddess* said...

Great way to start out the New Year:)

I opened my template to add The Silverbacks, only to find out that I already link to you. I thought about it at work the other day, and decided I DIDN'T link to you. Oy. Getting old blows. And not in a good way:)

Don't let that big ball hit ya on the way down tonight...Happy New Year!

Lin said...

Yeehaw - you're rolling now! Mark and I are such cheap SOBs (that's how we could afford to get out here though) but when the new book space room out here in Rat City becomes a reality, I want to buy a copy of each for it. Some books are way more special than others, as in this case. said...

Happy New Year all!

What a pleasure to come by here and see's going to be hard to give it up.

Hmmm, maybe I'll wipe it and start posting all over!

See ya.

Ralph said...

First of all, Happy New Year to you and yours.
That's pretty cool about the book.
I have turned my '05 and '06 posts into books through cafepress. I might check out Lulu. You are making a huge profit! My books have been selling for around $16.95, my profit twenty-one cents a book.
It's amazing how many of them I have sold though so keep plugging your book and congratulations.

Ron Southern said...

It's a shame that something as nearly perfect as "Cross Hairs" didn't prosper more in the market. I guess there may be a lot of books in america that are that good (or nearly so) and yet facing eventual oblivion. said...

Thank you so much did as much as any friend could do to help me promote it, but that's the way it is.

This one was for I don't care if anyone buys it or not, but Cross+Hairs was my baby, and with a little more editing I would agree with you completely. Would make a hell of a movie!

Right Truth said...

Didn't take you very long to get the book ready. I'll give you a plug at Right Truth.. I'm off to check out Cheryl's site.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth