MUSHY'S MOOCHINGS: My World's Best Mom Has Passed

Monday, August 22, 2016

My World's Best Mom Has Passed

Just a quick post to let everyone that follows this blog know that my mom has passed away.  She would have been 90 years old in October, and I had her love and guidance for over 70 years.  I thank God for that time and I know he is protecting her soul today.



Pat Houseworth said...

RIP to you Mom....mine has now reached 92 {this past April}, and she has outlived one of her four kids, oldest brother Mike who died in May at 69.....


BRUNO said...

Sorry to hear this. Never met the lady, but judging by the stories you told about her---she must've spent a full and enjoyable life. So now is the time for her eternal rest she's earned.

My condolences to you and yours.

Richard "Bruno" Sauerbrunn