Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Okay, I'm no Walter, or Hal, (a.k.a. Bryan Cranston), nor do I care to be, but today I had one of those "Ah, shit!" moments!

I normally wear my hair buzzed off, but I usually stop at a 3/8" length.  That was the plan today when I made my first swipe, on autopilot, but as I landed the second one, I saw the blue 3/8" plastic guard fall before my eyes, and then heard it hit the ground below my deck, where I usually cut my hair.

As "auto" arm completed the second and third plow, I saw a huge tuft of white hair also fall slowly to the ground.  It was only then that I could regain control of my arm and stop the unwanted and deep furrowing!

I ran into the house to confirm what I thought I saw in my hand mirror, and Judy only had to say, "Ooooh!"  I knew then that it wasn't a really happened.

There was only one thing to do; make it all match the clear-cut behind my right ear.  So, here is the result...waddle and all!

It seems that I am making mistakes more and more often these days, and I can only blame it on my advancing age.

How in the hell did I get to be 67 years old!  I thought long ago, after receiving my orders for South Vietnam, that my life would be short, and I would die young and pretty!

But NOOOOOooo, here I am looking at a stranger in a mirror with short, super short, grey hair.  Who is he?

I suppose I really know the answer to that question, having documented my "life and times" in this blog (Mushy's Moochings).  However, I just don't feel like I know that fun loving dude anymore.  He's gotten old, and I never really liked old people, so how can I love me now?!

I guess I will though...carry on, that is.  Memories are all I have left now and they are good ones, great ones.  Wait, I think I can make a few more before I suck it in for the last time!

After all, there are grand-kids, and I have a Thunder Mule in my stable.  So, let's ride it into the sunset.  Giddy up, get it, go, gone!


BRUNO said...

You mean, I'M not the ONLY-one who "cuts" ma own hare??? Here I thought I was a "special"-breed of recluse?☺

I let(demand!)the wife do it, when MY-left shoulder gets too-tight, though---mainly to do-away with the blood-letting of the "Van-Gogh"-effect.

Come to think of it, I use a 3/8's with a straight-angle myself.

I've always used Racine-cutters, since several years ago, when I bought a Whal-brand that caught on fire half-way through the "baling"-process.

Beats the hell outta my-original standby of the "razor-blade-rapier" of K-Mart fame!

As for being OLD? IF we're so damned useless---how come people enjoy hearing our "revelations" so much???

Paul Mashburn said...

Thank you bud!