Sunday, June 16, 2013


Yep, it's Father's Day and all I got was this dang Duck Dynasty t-shirt!  However, it does fit my personality!  Jack!
Judy gave it to me, along with a bring home sack of goodness from P. F. Chang!  Wow, I love their SICHUAN SHRIMP OR SCALLOPS.  

I have been cooped up since the last of April from back surgery.  I'm usually seen these days, wearing my cute little back brace.  I have four weeks left to wear the darn thing, but I have to admit, it has wrapped me in its protective custody until I count on it.  It gives me a little confidence and allows me to do some things without an ouch of pain!
My L4 was screwed to my L5, and my L5 was screwed to my tailbone!  There is a little metal plate reenforcing the whole thing, and the spacers he put in gave me immediate relief from leg pain.
I tossed and turned, carefully, for the first 4 weeks, but am now sleeping fairly comfortably through the night.  I can't wait to drop the fetal position for a more normal relaxed one leg stretched out position.  
I have been driving my Thunder Mule for the last 2 weeks, and it feels good to be back in the saddle.

I also spent one day on a movie set near here, doing stills for a friend who is the writer/director.  More on this when the veil of secrecy has been lifted!
Then there was an evening spent back at the Princess Theatre, taking historical shots for the Foundation.  The band was The Bellamy Brothers, and I had a good time seeing all my old friends, until my back said, "Go home...go now!"  I have paid for that the last couple of days, but would do it all over again.

There is another concert coming soon, and I hope to be in better shape then.

Well, that's a little update from Mushy...he's still kicking, and just had his 67th birthday.  Wow...where did all the time go?!            

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BRUNO said...

Duck Dynasty. I'm familiar with it, but since I use a "hand-cranked-TV"---a.k.a., over-the-air-antenna---I don't, umm, "get-it", y' know?(Matter of fact, I don't "do"-TV barely at all---I'm a "radio-phile"!)☺

Where did(does)all the time go? When you finally-find out, you can "write us back" with the info!

Until then? Maybe it's time to add yet ANOTHER-face, or two, onto your headers'-timeline? I love the way you strung all of those together in a panoramic-view---and, how you left the old-pics look "natural". You know---"old", even if some of them WERE-once "Kodachrome",

So were YOU(we!)as well---once-upon a time...!☺