Monday, August 22, 2011


My high school class graduated in 1964, from Harriman High School, Harriman, TN. We have been a close class, having reunions every 5 years, but we also take advantage of other milestones to get together and PARTY!
We had a reunion/party on our 50th birthday year, and this year brings around another special event; we are all turning 65! So, it's only fitting that we PARTY again like we (did last summer) used to. We are calling it our SS & M Party - Social Security and Medicare Party!
Donna, Bob, Ronnie, Sandra, and Jerry Lou
The best part of the reunion or milestone years, to me, are the planning parties!  You've already read about one planning party, back in July.  Those of us that still live in the Harriman area love any excuse to get together and party, and we often do, even in non-milestone years.
This year we plan to have the party at the same place we had the "warm up" party before the last reunion, at Kay and Bob's house - poolside! There will be lots of finger foods, oldie music from our era, and loud talking and laughing!
Ronnie, Sandra, Gene, Jerry Lou, Judy, Donna, and Bob
Jokes will be told, mostly about each other, “Remember the time you and I...!" Something always gets revealed, and someone blushes, but we're way too old to care what happened years ago. Now, it's just plain funny!
This month's planning party was this past week at Sandra and Tommy's home up in "God's Country" - Morgan County.
Mushy, Donna, and Bob
Sandra and Tommy built their home themselves, and it's beautiful! Some of the prettiest and most varied types of wood I've ever seen in a house. I'm talking pine, oak, hickory, cedar, walnut, wild cherry, and some I don't remember. It was hand harvested and cut, sawed up on the land where it fell, sanded and finished, nailed, and put in place by a husband/wife team that don't give up! They are hard working, salt of the earth, folks who love company and really put on a food spread for them!
This is country living at its best...the house is surrounded by heavy timber, fields, pastures, barns and outbuildings. A porch runs around three sides of the house with a view that no city folks have ever seen. 

There were large oaks in the yard with a clothes line, complete with clothes pins, running underneath, which reminded me of my grandmother's place down in Alabama.
A late evening rain in the mountains moved through ahead of a cold front, cooling the day's high temperatures down into the upper 70's, and the dark green leaves dripped wet as a cool fog began forming down in the field and drifting toward the darkening woods. What a had been awhile since I had stood and watched such and evening develop.

Ronnie, our class president, called the planning meeting to order, but everyone ignored him and fixed another Wild Turkey before being seated!
Bob read the class list Jerry and I had prepared, reminiscing over each name with some funny event he recalled. However, Jeannie, his wife, soon put him back on track and we soon moved on!

We are having another planning meeting next month...just days before the actual party, and I can hardly wait to get together again!

It's so much fun hanging out with all those old folks!


FHB said...

That lasagna looks delish!

Mushy said...

It was all good! The salsa was homemade...sweet and hot!

FHB said...

Found some good stuff at the grocery store. Honey chipotle flavor. Delish.