Sunday, July 24, 2011


It's been hot!  As evidenced by the car "home" panel, (note the 100 F) it has been an index of a hundred or more for what seems like weeks.  However, I did get out for a little photography this past week.  

This cornfield near one of my doctor's offices just kept calling me until I pulled over and gave in to some fun.  I have also been trying to keep up with our fast growing Surprise Lilies...they seem to change daily! (More on Flickr)
Thursday evening Judy and I again visited classmates to help plan for an upcoming SS&M Party (Social Security & Medicare) this September.  This particular group has remained close since graduating in 1964 and it takes several "gatherings/parties" to plan our normal every 5-year reunions and certain special celebrations like our turning 65 this year!

This year's "birthday party" should be a great one, poolside with the appropriate rock'n roll and country music, and tasty finger foods!  We are hoping several that have never attended will show up this year and join all the fun they've been missing. 
We all have jobs to do to prepare for the event, and I volunteered to update our contact list and send out an early email notice to get a feel for how many classmates to expect.

The music will be state-of-the-art iPod and wireless speakers, so '64 HHS class president Ronnie Thornton proved Thursday night that he had that project well in hand!

Friday afternoon was family time with most of the Dragons and Knights meeting at Aubrey's in Lenoir City to just celebrate being alive and together again.
Ron (right above) and Gary (second from right below) are planning long-haul camping trips soon, so we took this time to see each other one last time before they leave.  Neena's grandson Chandler and Lauren, Terri's boss's daughter, joined us.
Everyone has a personal favorite and mine is the peanut crusted catfish!  Judy always goes for the grilled chicken.

Saturday Judy and headed for Knoxville to visit Corey and "the girls"!  As I often do, I stopped by Wild Wings and picked up wings and sliders.  As I checked in with Corey before leaving, I could hear Kinsley shouting "I want hamburger daddy!  I want hamburger!"  So, Judy and I, with sliders with ketchup and pickles were soon, were on the way.
Kinsley (left) was in a great mood, as was Lily (center), and they both tried to get all of the attention.  Lily entertained us by reading, which she does extremely well, and Kinsley jabbered over her trying to win our attention over Lily.  It was so great, watching them jockey for time; Lily read and make several costume changes, while Kinsley also make quick changes and would show us all her toys!  

If you are a Facebook friend, you probably have seen my photo with the princess crown on my head.  Kinsley called it my hat and insisted I wear it the whole time!

After the wings and sliders, Judy and I spent some time up in the girl's individual bedrooms, playing games, watching them struggle into costumes (like the one at right), listening to story books as Lily continued to read, and laughed as Kinsley tried to do everything Lily did.

I'm so proud of Tia and Corey and how well they have taught the girls read, count, interact, and play nicely with each other. They really entertain themselves...all one has to do is watch and listen.  It's so much fun!
After a wrestling match with her daddy, it was soon Kinsley's nap time.  So we left soon after she went to bed, so Corey could have some down time too.  I can't wait for the next visit!                             

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FHB said...

Good times are had by all. Wish I could drive over and eat you out of house and home. Next year maybe, or in the fall. This heat blows, but it's better than your humidity.