Tuesday, July 19, 2011


People that know Judy and me know that we have fun pretty much anywhere we are, and today it was at the doctor's office!

Judy was following up on the health issue that caused her to pass out July 4th weekend by going to a neurologist today.  We sat, arms touching, her reading her Kindle and me playing Spider on my iPad, in the waiting room, until her name was called.

We sat looking around the doctor's little patient room at the posters of the brain, the little skeleton hanging from a hook on a table in the corner, and at the plastic brain supported by half a crystal skull, and listening to the sounds out in the hall.

Some man said, pecking on the wall, "This one is well contoured, and this one is fat and ugly."

Judy looked at me and asked, "Can he see into this room?"

I laughed, which started us both laughing louder!  Must have been too loud...the man and whoever was with him walked away.

Having forgotten my camera...I know...unlike me...I was just about to snap a photo of the little skeleton when the nurse came back in.  We had a private joke laugh going just about the entire time she tried to take Judy's blood pressure lying, standing, and then again after two minutes.  I'm sure the nurse thought us crazy, but she tried, to give her credit, to join in from time-to-time.

She left and I again tried to refire my iPad, but before it would boot the doctor came in!  I snapped the case shut and smiled while Judy sniggered.

He was a good natured fellow and soon found out Judy's secret...she's a hand full!

I was intrigued by the little doctor's bag the doc was carrying.  You don't see that anymore...I mean the little black doctor's bag like the one's flung up onto the buckboard as the doctor wheeled off to save another gunshot victim down at the saloon!

I wanted a picture of that so bad, but only half as bad as I wanted to dig around inside.  I sat looking at it until he noticed me and acknowledged that he was quite unusual, but I could not touch his bag!

He asked Judy to follow his finger and she complied, rolling her eyes in all directions for him.  He then asked her to touch his finger, and Judy surprised him by asking, "With what?"

He chuckled and agreed that his command should have been qualified a little.  "With your finger, touch my finger, and then touch your nose."

Judy complied and touched his finger with her finger and then started toward his finger with her nose!

"No...touch your nose with your finger!  Now, start over and touch, with your finger, my finger first and then touch your nose...with your finger!"

By then he understood that Judy was what some people call, a lot of trouble!  We both tend to look for opportunities to be funny and to catch people off guard with our literal interpretations of a given situation.

Bottom line, the doctor agreed with the ER doctors at Mercy West, and our family doctor that the episode on July 3rd was caused by blood pressure.  We have both since stopped taking BP meds until we have taken our pressure.  Thus far neither of us need medication.  Our weight loss has been enough, so we will keep an eye on it.

Afterwards we celebrated with a feast at Red Lobster!

By the way, the doctor is quite the photographer too...check out his work HERE!


BRUNO said...

"...I wonder if he can see in here?"...

Of course, she already knows WHICH-one would be "well-contoured", and WHICH-one would be "fat and ugly"---by proxy, of course?☺

Heh. He must carry FREE-samples, in that doctor-bag of his, as protective of it as he is...!☺

(P.S.---Not good, when the "word-verification"-choice is TROTS...!)

Shrinky said...

There is so much love between the pair of you, it spills over every line! Looks like you both grew up to be a pair of delinquents, a match made in heaven!

I am so glad Judy appears to be back on track, healthwise - fingers crossed on that BP front, eh?

Joan said...

You two are great! :)
You had me smiling all the way through.
The Dr's photos are gorgeous!