Sunday, April 03, 2011


There's nothing like "small town USA" on a Saturday night!  

Everyone that enjoyed gatherings at the American Legion Hall back in their teenage years in Harriman still come out to see old friends, hear great oldie music, and dance their cares away.  It's things like these that make you glad you were raised in a small town.

One problem, after all the years, everyone has changed so much that it's hard to recognize them.  Some people are blessed to retain what is familiar about their faces, but some just change completely.  It's so strange to talk to someone and recognize their voice, but not remember anything in their face.  The common remark during the evening was, "Who are all these old people?!"

A friend, Jimbo Duncan, who plays the keyboard for an old band they formed during high school, invited me to come out this past Saturday night to hear the band play again.  The band, The Grand Prees (you may need a Google account in order to enjoy this video), even though they don't practice as much as they used to, was tight, and can still jam!  It was a hoot!

Prior to the dance/jam, a couple of girlfriends from high school invited Judy and me to meet them for some Mexican food and libation!  That was a hoot as well!  Judy has started going to "cackle parties" with these ladies recently, but I don't get to see them as much as I would like.

Jerry and Regina were two of my favorite people in high school, and Jerry (one wearing the black vest) was the one who gave me the moniker "Mushy"!

The photo posted here of Jerry was overexposed, but I was able to give it the "Andy Warhol" treatment to save the moment.  The moment captured is when the young waiter surprised Jerry by bringing her the entire bottle of tequila she had jokingly ordered!  No one expected such a sense of humor from the young man, but he cracked us up!

It was good to be out with friends, friends we've known most of our lives, and having a good laugh.

At the Legion Hall, we all sat down together and prepared for a good time.  I asked Judy to save my chair while I went to take a few photos of the band.  When I came back a big ball-headed dude had taken my seat!  Since there were no other vacant seats in the house, I did the polite thing and stood up the entire two and half hours we were there!  Every time I looked at Judy she was mouthing, "I'm sorry."  Later, on the way home she apologized, and I told her, "You should, 'cause I would have fought to save your chair!"

Oh yeah, note the mean look on Regina's face (gray white-striped sweater)!  I don't know why this beautiful woman hates to have her photo taken...maybe she's in the witness protection program!  Anyway, I kidded her all evening by turning an imaginary camera toward her and getting "the look"!

The house was packed and everyone seemed to have a good time.  Since I couldn't sit down, I milled around and talked to old friends and took more  photos.

There is no smoking or alcohol allowed inside, but it just goes to show you that you can have a good time without those things!  Besides, the majority of people there, like me, were well beyond the drinkin' age!  There comes a time when just being with good people having a good time is quite enough.

I think most people used to drink to get over their shyness in social situations, but today, at this age, you just don't care what people think anymore.  Besides, by this age people have stopped judging each other and just like each other for what they are inside.  Thank God...I'm over all that drama anyway!

And that's the way it ought to be in small town USA.


FHB said...

So, did y'all get up and dance, or just sit and watch?

Mushy said...

I dance occasionally, Judy hardly ever. I didn't want to last night, but got asked twice!

FHB said...

That's cool.