Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The first photo I have of Corey (at right) enjoying the snow is from 1976.  Doesn't he look comfy in that fuzzy outfit!? He has always enjoyed the white stuff and so has the family.  Corey had his whole family out in it yesterday at his Papaw Harmon's, where the whole clan used to enjoy winter snows.

Even back in the early 70's, while Corey's mom and I were living at the Harmon's, and I was attending UT, I would come home from school (UT never closes) and hit the front yard slope!  My friend Bill and I would stay out late in the light of the porch light and run the hill until we were just too pooped to climb the hill one more time.  I would then go in and struggle to keep my eyes open long enough to study.

Those were good times, with a lawn chair bolted to a pair of water skis, we would slip into supersonic speeds, traveling well over a hundred yards at times.  Some snows back in those days would stay on the ground for days, giving us extra good times.  Today, you have to sled that morning or miss out!

However, this week's 4 or 5 inches has stuck to us like a Thanksgiving feast!  I've been out in it two days now and thinking about giving up today's nap and hitting the snowy trail again!
The snowmen photo is of Lily yesterday, enjoying her first real taste of outdoor fun in the snow, and of her dad back in 1978.  Lily pulled herself up the hill more than anyone thought, even though occasionally she would simply fall down and begin eating snow!  It was a refreshing pause, one that I too remember from days gone by.  

Back in my day (that's what old folks say) my parents would say, "Don't eat that's radioactive!"  It was probably true, but I would sneak and eat 3 or 4 snowballs every time it snowed.  Yesterday, all the advice offered to Lily was, "Don't eat yellow snow!"

Corey is a competitive sports nut and always goes until he drops.  His spinning "disk" sledding feats were a dizzying affair yesterday, one that would have had me puking!  He's loved the disk since '78.  It's a shame your kids can't grow up with you and enjoy all the old times with you.  He would have been impressed with his old man, almost as much as I am of him today!

Judy and I have always taken off work when it would snow...not because we couldn't get there, but because we wanted to "play in the snow"!  People our age are still amazed, for some reason, at how much we love the snow. 

We used to get out at night and walk in the woods while it was snowing.  It's a great adventure and great fun, and you'd be amazed at how well you can see at night in the snow.  All the light available is amplified by the snow with a glow all around you.  It's also wonderful how the sound of snow coming down through the dried leaves makes you feel.  It's so comforting and relaxing!  I miss that...have to try it again soon, but the snows lately have been coming down in the wee hours of morning.  Next time one begins late in the evening...we'll be out there!

Monday, Judy and I were out down by the creek behind the house.  The creek empties into the lake and at that junction Geese nest.  We tried to get close for photos, and we did get close enough for my 300mm lens to get a few good shots before they scattered.

Judy did her first snow angel, which I still don't believe it was her first, and she was so proud of it!

So, come on, let it snow...we've still got a few good times left in us!


FHB said...

Great post. I always love the old shots. I wish we could get some snow. Give Denise a break from work and me a chance to play with fire in the fireplace. Good times!

BRUNO said...

A lawn-chair bolted to a pair of water-skis. Now THAT'S one I wish you'd gotten a picture of!

(And wish I'd thought of! But, the old upside-down-car-hood-behind-a-tractor was a relatively-good substitute, and would hold more "big"-kids!☺)

I really like that "then, in '78", and the "now, in '11"-comparison of Corey, in/on? the "ass-saucer"!

Maybe you should show 'im how it's REALLY-done, with a reincarnation of the "ChairSki"???

He'll probably NEED one, in ANOTHER 10-years or so...!☺

Debbie said...

Our snow just finally cleared completely yesterday. A strange year, but not as much snow for us so far as last year. 55 degrees one day, sleet and snow the next.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

I do miss making snow angels. I made many when I was young growing up in MN.
Never tried the lawn chair bolted to a pair of sater skis. Funny!

Shrinky said...

Ah, what a pair of kids you two are! Loved the side by side photo's, kinda' spooky seeing your son and his daughter both making snowmwen at around the same age, isn't it? A great post, my friend. Glad you love the snow, I've sent all ours your way, I'm done with it!