Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Monday, as you may know, is the day we pick Lily up after her "Wee Pre-School" day.

Sometimes we go straight home and read books, build with her blocks, color, or play games on the computer. Other days we stop off at a local playground and watch her try out new things on the slides, swings, tunnels, and climbing devices. But some days she announces right off that she would like to "eat out"!

She is very good in restaurants, she plays with the things on the table, or things she's dropped under the table (in her cave), or tries to look out the windows! What she doesn't do well out is eat! We wind up taking most of what we ordered home and she picks over it later.

This week we went back to the “Good Ol’ Days Diner”, where I can't resist corn-nuggets, and Judy cannot leave without having a chocolate milkshake! Trouble is, this week she had to share it with Lily...don't tell her mother!

My burger and corn nuggets were great, but, according to Judy, her slaw-dog and fries beat my burger hands down!

Anyway, Lily was so thrilled that she danced for the entire diner and kept asking, "Who's that?"
We would say, "I don't know...ask them!"

She started walking toward them and then turned around and ran back to the safety of Judy's lap. She is getting braver these days, finally overcoming her earlier shyness. No longer does she keep her eyes closed all the way from school to our house before opening them and talking to us. Now she's singing to us before we leave the church parking lot.

We love it!

Later, we took Lily over to her Granby's, where her sister Kinsley stays when both Tia and Corey are working. We played with them both for quite a while, and I took this photo of Kinsley before we left. She's a doll, and has just started walking. She will be 1 this coming Saturday!

I'm beginning to think that Kinsley is a mix of Connie (Corey's mom) and me, while Lily is pure Tia!


Suldog said...

She sure is cute!

FHB said...

Mmmmm, those corn nuggets. Haven't had any in a while. That's a great place. Sounds like a wonderful time.

Before you know it she'll be comin' over, texting, and gettin' her belly button pierced, like CB.

FHB said...

Or is it KB. Hell, it's late.

Mushy said...

Yep...Katie Bug!