Monday, January 18, 2010


Saturday wasn't the best day of the year to go on a road trip, but we worked with what was given us! Gary still runs a business and had crews out working even on Saturday, so time is still limited for him to take off for a little fun. However, he tried to stay in contact with his guys, but Happy Valley prefers not to be bothered by modern technology! I suppose that's what makes it such a happy place!

Of course, anytime we go through Maryville, Tennessee we are obliged to stop at the Richy Kreme. Just a few miles further down the road, Gary and I were wishing we had split an "Apple Ugly" (similar to a "bear claw") instead of nearly swallowing a whole one on our own! By then, Dr. Ahler was trying to give away the remaining eight from his dozen. However, he didn't get the sugar high Gary and I were experiencing, just before reaching for a Tums!

You can bet though, that on our next trip we'll stop again...they're just too delicious to pass up!Soon we were on Happy Valley Road in Blount County, Tennessee, and going under the Foothills Parkway on our way to Abrams Creek Road. Within a few minutes we passed our friend Bill Landry's house and into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Abrams Creek Campground is a lovely little area of the Smoky's. There are just a few camp sites there, but it's nestled in under white pine and hemlock trees along Abrams Creek.

The water there runs at least waist deep in places and is the a beautiful green color due to the green shale rock found there. The creek, even though the lighting was subdued by an overcast sky, photographed beautifully revealing the green tinted water. I was pleased with what I captured that day, but I bet a bright clear sky day would reveal even more of the beauty there.

We left Abrams Road, turning left in order to pass through the heart of Happy Valley. Along the way we could tell we were paralleling the Foothills Parkway. After reaching Hwy 129 at Chilhowee Lake, we turned right onto the Parkway and followed it back to Hwy 321 and on into Maryville.

I'll have to go back soon, and maybe I'll attempt the 5 miles to Abrams Falls which is normally visited from the Cades Cove side of the mountains. Got to lose some of this belly and get my back into shape first!

I got a "hitch" in my lower back while buckling Lily into her car seat last Monday. It was almost better when I pulled it again putting on my socks Friday! It's hell gettin' old!

Anyway, I shall return and will be in far better shape than I am today. See ya!

More photos on sure to double click them to enlarge!


BRUNO said...

Yeah, well, if YOU have the HITCH in your back---then that must mean I have the RECEIVER, in mine!

(Yeh-h-h, not too bad of a one-liner, for a Monday!)

Marian Love Phillips said...

What a nice relaxing road trip Mushy...thanks for sharing. I know...growing old will happen to all of us sooner or later. Hang in there my friend! Think positive and happy thoughts! :)

PRH....... said...

Great story and photos as usual!

Debbie said...


Those bear claws sound so good. I'm trying not to eat sweets and watch my girlish figure, but I'm so tempted!!!

Right Truth

Mushy said...

I'm watching mine too, but got sidetracked. However, I didn't eat anymore that day.

Anonymous said...

I need to get back out on my local road trips.

East TN is the most beautiful place in the world.

Suldog said...

This is going to sound really simple and silly, but here goes: I've never visited anyplace named 'Happy Valley', but I've always wanted to do so.

I don't know what that admission adds to the conversation here, but I had to say it :-)

Mushy said...

Diva...come on down!

Sul, apparently there is more than one place called Happy Valley, but this one is the first I've heard of outside a good soap opera.

BRUNO said...

I've got a "Happy-Hollow" party-spot in a little town called Oriole, MO, about 25-mi. northeast of me. Right along side of a creek. Nothin' but young pricks go there, now. But it's still the same basic "3-F's": Fightin', F**kin', & Fallin'!

Used to be called "The Cap'n Jug" many years earlier. Generally was for all ages, but was still an excellent place to keep the rust off'n your knuckles!

But the ol' "Cap'n" ate one too many pickled-eggs with Falstaff-beer(ugh!), an' went on out with the tide!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

My dear departed step-mother hailed from Tennessee. What beautiful pictures. Getting old does present a certain set of setbacks, digesting fried pastry products being one of them!

*Goddess* said...

The second and last pictures are just gorgeous.

FHB said...


Mushy said...

Thanks...the place is beautiful.

Did you note the snow on the Smoky Mountains in first one. You might see it better on Flickr blown up.