Thursday, January 07, 2010


I took Judy down to the river this morning to hear the ice sing, but alas the river and ice didn't feel up to it today. I mentioned this in my cooking post HERE yesterday, and she wanted to hear it for herself. Maybe tomorrow...after tonight's little bit of snow the ice will sing to us!

We had headed out to see Avatar, but debated on whether or not we should go. All the weather services were predicting snow and we hated to drive the 40+ miles to Knoxville and not be able to get back home. However, nothing ventured nothing gained, so we took off.

I'm so glad we did. James Cameron's movie "Avatar" is absolutely wonderful - candy for the eyes! Once you get immersed in the movie, you will wish you could live on Pandora too! A world so beautiful, so connected to everything on it and in it, so wonderful it even lights you path at night. Everything is beautiful and understands its place and contribution to every other living and non-living thing.

To me it was a European and Indian confrontation all over again, except this time the Na' vi (Indians with Afro-American characteristics) band together to force its adversaries to leave them and their land alone! How I wished that had happened then. Had the American Indian understood what was happening and united, the white Europeans would never have dared get off their tiny boats!

When the movie ended, which was, even though it was over 2 1/2 hours long, too soon, we came out to a white parking lot. The temperature was still around 28 degrees, but we had no problem getting home. The car slipped once when crossing a railroad track, but I may have punched it just a little too much...on purpose! Judy just smiles...she knows me!
Back at home, I pushed the heat back up to around 71, sipped a small glass of homemade wine, munched a few almonds, all in an attempt to pass the time until last night's stew was a decent eating temperature. We had an egg on an all-grain thin bread this morning, munched some nuts and a few apple slices during the movie, but now it was time for some real satisfying chow!

I can hardly wait for morning to see if the cold dry snow showers amount to more than an inch on the ground. It's so dry that it blows easily across the road or yard. Regardless, we plan to get out and find some winter beauty. If there's any beauty to be found, East Tennessee, any time of year, is the place to find it!


BRUNO said...

Well, I'd say go to Florida for "winter-beauty"---but I don't think it'd be much better than where you are NOW, at least for a while yet!

Got any extra-cash layin' around for Hawaii???

Mushy said...

Been there...but I like it here...I like 4 seasons, and we've finally gotten back to that this year. I like East Tennessee just fine.

FHB said...

I loved the movie too. Enjoy the snow.

Ranger Tom said...

Global Warming my ass. It was 29 F this morning when I got home... And I'm only 80 miles NW of Miami. I'm originally from Pennsylvania so I should be used to this cold, but I froze last night on the locomotive!

Mushy said...

What you see on my deck is about all we got, but it's the 8th straight day of below freezing temps! It's cold in the south for sure.

Shrinky said...

That last shot is just beautiful, and yes, I like having four seasons too, but maybe not with QUITE such an emphasis on winter.. I still can't get the car up the drive, been snowed in for over a week now!

I am sooooo miffed. Avitar can't be screened on the island, we don't have all the special gubbings it takes to show it - pout. I just KNEW it would be a must-see..

Buck said...

Ah... you can keep all this "winter wonderland" stuff. I wish you would/could, in fact. I've seen enough snow to last me three lifetimes, thankyaverymuch. Humbug. And all that.