Thursday, December 03, 2009


Judy and I did a little shopping today after my dentist visit. I bought a warm looking black twill shirt-jacket and a pull-over, both half-price at Kohl’s. Judy also found some jeans that were also on sale and a little Christmas nightlight for Katie Bug.

Afterwards, we stopped at Wild Wings and ate a late lunch, and the leftovers turned out to be our evening meal.

Of course, we had to have dessert, so we stopped at Harriman’s new Pattycake Pastries, and bought a couple of “cream horns”! Supposedly, these babies are made from the very same recipe used when Merri Mac Bakery was open years ago in the same location. After eating them…later by the fireplace, they are as I remember! Good things are starting to happen in Harriman, and this is one of them. Please patronize Mike Borman’s shop frequently. We need to keep our money invested in our community. (More about the new bakery on the Princess Blog soon.)

Anyway, because of the buying spree, we decided to make room in our closets by bagging up some things for the “Clothes Closet”. Someone needing a couple of warm coats this year is going to be wearing some good ones! We filled two garbage bags, and made more than enough room for the new stuff!

I dumped in half my old collection of baseball caps, most hardly ever worn, so someone might like those. Anyway, I pulled a bunch of old hat/lapel pins off the hats before putting them in the bag. I made this montage of the pins, so you can enjoy them. You can probably deduct from them a lot of who and what I am. I really hated to put them way in a drawer, but I just don’t wear hats much anymore unless it’s below 32.

Some of you will probably enjoy this photo, ‘cause back in August and September of ’06 I posted two “cleaning out my drawers” posts that some of you got a kick out of…CLICK HERE OR HERE to go back in time!

All the time I was pinning them to the cushion I used as a holder and background, Judy sat there watching adorningly, talking to Tracy on the phone, and feeling all good inside from the wings and cream horn she had just eaten! Look at her…she’s beautiful and very happy!


Sandi McBride said...

Yes, love those pins...I only have one favorite, one that Evil Sister gave me...I Only Have Eyes for Mac it reads...course, talking about the computer...never mind, I know what it really means, lol...just as you only have eyes for Judy...yep, she looks lovely!

BRUNO said...

Well then, you'd best stay away from "up-and-over" here, if you don't wanna wear a cap---I was at 18-degrees above F. this morning, up here on my hill. It's now warmed to a balmy 27 F. Say HELLO, WINTER!

And just as soon as I "heard" you say "...pinning them to the cushion...", I figured the response from Judy would be more like CLUBBING you for pokin' holes in the material, as opposed to "watching adoringly"...!

FHB said...

Yea, I was thinkin' the same thing about the cussion, but she's pretty easy goin'. I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff too. Give it all to goodwill. I place too much importance in THINGS, thinking they represent something. I guess it comes from all the moving around when I was a kid. We all got used to rebuilding the nest wherever we went. Stuff became too important. Cool pins. I'll have to dig some stuff out and take pictures.

Suldog said...

She is, indeed, beautiful. Nice button collection there. My sister-in-law actually works for Yankee Candle!

Scott from Oregon said...

Creamed horns.... Mmmmmmm.... (Goes into Homer Simpson daydream fantasy...)