Saturday, October 24, 2009


It’s blurry, but it was worth documenting the good news mom’s doctor brought us this morning, “No recurrence of the tumor,” she said, meaning that mom’s 2001 cancer has not come back.

Mom has been in the hospital a week today with a diagnosis of pneumonia. The CT scan confirmed the pneumonia is in the upper right lung and the lower left lung. However, with the antibiotics and breathing treatments over this past week, mom is much improved. She is eating well, and walking each day around the floor.

When we arrived at the emergency room last Sunday, she could barely walk or breathe, and had a temperature of 101. After a four hour wait, she was diagnosed and admitted.

She is still plagued with a debilitating cough that leaves her weak, gasping for breath, and hoarse. Her family doctor has now referred her to a lung (pulmonary) doctor, whose job it will be to rid her of the fluid and infection in her lungs, and therefore, the cough.

I’m hoping she will be discharged by mid-week.

Prior to the CT, an x-ray raised suspicions of a cancer recurrence, but it could not be accurately determined through the fluid surrounding the lungs. Today’s CT scan relieved us all and now she can get on with the business of getting well.

Just outside her hospital window, a beautiful fall is waiting to make her ride home even more enjoyable.


BRUNO said...

I always found that it could be a bleak, rainy, snowy, sub-zero-temps day on the OUTSIDE of a hospital---and it would STILL be the most beautiful drive on the way HOME!!!

But, it IS a nice time of the year. Fall, and Spring. Both my favorites---but I prefer Fall overall...

Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Sounds like she is on the mend and I am glad for that. My sister just went through the same thing and it was not pretty. She is doing ok now as will your Mom.

Scott from Oregon said...

Here is to hoping she clears 'em all up!

All the best, Mushy. These things are always hard...

Jeni said...

No matter what -a diagnosis of no cancer -new or a return -is ALWAYS a darned good thing! Isn't it?
Prayers for your Mom and that she shakes the pneumonia thing in short order now too!

Suldog said...

Well, Thank God for the good news! And I'm sure you do just that!

Here's hoping for more when she sees the pulmonary specialist!

FHB said...

Glad to hear it! Y'all have had to deal with too much drama lately. need to get back to relaxin' and takin' purdy pictures.