Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Saturday's matinee and evening show called "Appalachian Dreams" was, without a doubt, a grand success, but it wore us all out! Filming, planning, rehearsing, and editing had been going on since mid-January and everyone was whipped by the time it was all over around 9PM Saturday night! I even had blisters on my feet from all the running around it did backstage. Still photography is hard work!

The dream for this show began with Gary Baker (local business man) and Muse Watson (star of TV and film), but then the fire jumped to Bill Landry (local celebrity host of the "Heartland Series") and Michael Golebiewski (Dept. Head of Humanities at RSCC)! Without their parts, the show would not have been as coordinated and professional as it was.

My personal congratulations to everyone involved...I know exactly how hard you worked, and it paid off!

We all know how much Bill, Michael, and Gary put into the show, but I have to acknowledge cameramen Doug Mills, Andy Garrett, Matt Mullins, and Lee Ellis for their patience throughout the "on location" interview filming, all the rehearsals, all the editing, and, of course, both shows Saturday!

We must not forget Jon Chemay and Cody Hazelwood, and the others in and feeding sound to the sound booth.

There was Jimbo Duncan and company providing sound to the performers, Bill Farnham directing the curtains and acts off stage, and Angie Buck Skidmore marking the cues for everyone, and those hard working folks up in the lights above.

Then their are the acts themselves to recognize, Jenny Ballard and Maggie Kholbusch, Elizabeth Rose, the Lantana Drifters and especially Audine and Edd Webb, the Pickn' Grin house band, the Babahatchie Community Band and especially to its founder Dr. Joe Williams and the conductor McCall Bohanan, the Sister's of the Silver Sage (Donna, Rhonda, and Janet), The Chickadees (Sandra, Linda, and Ferrell), and the wonderful Phillippi Primitive Baptist Church choir, featuring Jerry Eskridge, April Chrisco, and Barbara Moore! And, last but not least, all the actors and dancers directed by Jennifer Austin of "Arts in Motion"!

Oh, I mustn't forget all you wonderful folks that came out to support the Princess Theater Foundation and its goal to restore the Princess Theater to cultural importance to Roane County. Our hope is that your contribution to the show was paid back in an entertaining evening. Please come again and again!

What a show were outstanding and audience was more than impressed with your dedication, hard work, and talent! I apologize if I've left out anyone by name, but you all were important and can now add a big paragraph on your resumes!

Now begins the post-production endeavor to make a professional looking DVD of the "Appalachian Dreams" show. From what I saw, there will be loads of wonderful footage from which to chose, so it too will undoubtably be a great hit as well. I can hardly wait to buy my copy!


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

Glad everything went as expected. Now you can take a break and have a little R&R, and well deserved. Well done.

Mushy said...

Maybe! There is post production, so more photos may be needed in the final product, plus, I've already begun repairing for the next show's slide show!

Suldog said...

That's excellent, Mushy! Post-production can be a bitch, of course, but it also can be loads of fun. Guess it depends upon the people involved. No doubt, yours are good, so enjoy!

FHB said...

It look like it all went off as you hoped. Glad to hear it. Enjoy it.

Lin said...

Wow, when you get off the front porch, you don't do it in a small way, do you? And supporting theater is a fabulous thing - good on ya, lad! Apologies for not wandering out much these days - it's still a madhouse of details not getting settled.