Monday, December 01, 2008


Judy, Katie, and I went to our “hide-out” today and walked off a little Thanksgiving.

It wasn’t the best of days for a hike, since it drizzled on us, but we enjoyed it just the same.

I pushed the ISO setting on my Nikon S7c to get more light, and got some fair shots of the Pepper Box bathed in a cold rain.

The rocks crossing Clifty Creek were slippery and we took the time to plan our steps and offered each other a hand at times.

Judy and I tried to recount the days we have spent in this isolated area, and how much it meant to us, but outside appreciating the beauty of the place Katie can’t really understand.

When I come upon the clearing where we used to camp, I see guys sitting around a fire, chucking in another log, laughing, and pulling the “pop top” off a can of beer! She can only see the brown and yellow of the leaves, the green of the hemlocks, and hear the sound of water dripping on rocks from the bluff above. Both mental and real images are beautiful in their own way, so I guess we really do share a mutual love and appreciation of the “Pepper Box!”

The drizzle began just moments before we had planned to turn around and head back. We kept to the path that travels along under hemlocks, so we didn’t really get that wet. The hemlock canopy kept us pretty dry until we made the road. From there to the truck, about a hundred yards, the rain came down a little heavier and we were somewhat chilled. The truck’s heater felt pretty good on the way home and dried us out.

At home, we attacked the refrigerator and loaded up paper plates full of sweet potatoes, dressing, slices of ham and turkey, and broccoli and rice casserole! Man, I believe it tasted better than it did Thursday!

Comfy and warm with full bellies, Judy and Katie settled in under a comforter on the couch, and watched a movie on TV. Baylee and I went to the computer room to work on the many photos I shot over the last few days. Soon, everyone but me, was snoring away…Baylee the loudest I think!

I sure hope there are some desserts left for later on!


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Once again, beautiful shots and beautiful sentiment! I think about tryin' to get Denise in a canoe, or you and Ron, and taking you all up to my special place, the Buffalo, but it'd be the same.

You'd see the beautiful scenery, but I'd see all the camp sites from trips gone by, and the friends from those days in the 80s when I was just beginning to grow up. Those were some cool times, never to return. But the place is still there, and I guess new good times are possible.

It's just a problem of finding the time to do it, and talking you into leaving home. Fat chance there eh?

Buck said...

Man, I believe it tasted better than it did Thursday!

That's the great thing about left-overs, innit?

Beautiful pics and great narrative... as always, Mushy!

Moannie said...

I have to honest,Mushy, and say that it was with some relief that I did not see plates of scrumptious looking food in your blog today, as i always have to go downstairs and raid the fridge. However,your trip took in some very beautiful scenery. I can well understand why you love it so much [and also, after seeing your Thanksgiving food] why you felt the need to walk it off.
Truly stunning pictures, I can just smell the leaves and hear the water.

Sarge Charlie said...

nothing wrong with leftovers, you have some nice photos here mr mushey

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Beautiful photos & memories....

(I am getting closer by the minute.....hee-hee!!!)

Michele said...

Boo-ti-ful scenery!! Great shots and a good story to go with it!

Becky said...

I love the scenery! THe downside to flying somewhere for thanksgiving and leaving the day after is no leftovers -- I missed out this year :(

~Fathairybastard~ said...

And the leftover always taste better the day or so after. Like spagetti that's been in the sauce over night.

Mushy said...

I'm hungry and I just ate about 2 hours ago!

Linda Hayes said...

These photos are awesome. I'm a city girl, so I've never seen anything like it.

Pat Houseworth said...

Another good yarn, and good photo shoot. {As Usaul}