Friday, October 10, 2008


Corey and I had great hopes that his and Tia’s next child would be a boy…you know, carry on the family genes and all that macho stuff…even though we’ll love a little girl just as much!

Tia and Corey left Lily in our charge Thursday (10/2) and went anxiously off to see the gynecologist. It was time to determine the sex of new offspring, to be born sometime around February.

Judy and I waited anxiously too, but also for Lily to wake up from her nap so we could spoil…I mean play with her! We listened attentively to noises coming from the baby monitor, until she finally began talking softly to herself. I went to her room and looked over into her bed. She was not there!

Corey had mentioned to us, as they were leaving earlier, that, for some reason, Lily, now 28 months old, had begun playing and sometimes sleeping behind the big recliner/rocker in her room. Corey had gone in that morning and found her looking out the window. Deea daddy!” she said, pointing out the window at two deer browsing in the backyard.

Sure enough, I found her playing behind the chair. She bowed her head, wrinkled her brow, as she often does when seeing someone new for the first time, or first time in a while, and diverted her dark eyes. It’s Papaw, Lily,” I said softly.

Papaw? Whur Momma Judy?

I hollered down the hall, “Momma Judy, come see Lily!

From then on we had a grand old time, playing, making animal sounds on command, “Dog!” she would say, and one of us would bark, and so on down the farm list! We mimicked other weird noises she made, and after each she laughed and continued making other sounds. Little special silly things that entertain a youngster and warm two old people’s hearts!

Later, we heard the garage door open, as her mother and father returned, so we did the proper thing and hid under her “blankie” for them to find us!

Corey walked over to me and gave me a big hug, and I have to admit I thought he was going to say “It’s a boy!”, but instead he began apologizing to me.

I’m sorry dad,” he said, half smiling, “I tried, but it’s a girl.”

That’s great,” I said!

I think Corey actually thought I would be very upset, but I wasn’t. I already have Katie Bug and Lily, and couldn’t love them more – they mean the world to me! Therefore, having another little girl to call me “Papaw” is just wonderful.

He was remembering that my father’s first born, all his brother’s first born (he had six brothers), and my first born had been boys. We just had hopes that the sex tradition would continue, but with Lily’s birth it was not to be for him. This was his last chance to put a “stem on the apple”, since their plans are only to have two.

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed for Corey. Being the kind of loving person he is, and with his love of sports, he would have made a great dad for a boy. However, he will also be a great daddy for two little girls. So be it…my prayers to God were simply to just “consider” giving us a boy, but that we would accept his will. Just let her be as healthy and pretty as Lily!

I’m also including the ultrasound shots the doctor made (click to enlarge). You will note the cute little nose in one, and what the doctor labeled as “girl parts” in the other. Looks like my prayers have been answered. She is healthy and beautiful…just like me!

The only thing left to do now is to wait for her first words – “PAPAW!


Rhea said...

Congratulations! I'm a girl and when I was a kid I played softball and did all kinds of tomboy stuff.

Jose said...

Does he know how lucky he is? Girls always follow the daddy more so than the momma. They'll become his pride and joy, wow daddy's little girls.

Suldog said...

Congratulations, Papaw! She's going to be one very lucky little girl to have you around.

Michele said...

Ahhhh, Papaw, she's gonna be a cutie if she looks like her big sister! *S*

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Well, Denise and i were talkin' just the other day about whether or not you'd found that out. Tell 'em I said congratulations!

As far as sports and stuff are concerned, don't be shocked if you end up goin' to volleyball, field hockey or basketball games with those girls.

One of the things I learned from teachin' down in Florence was that the girls I thought must have been cheerleaders, because they were fit, ended up being on some sports team. Title 9, back in the 70s, means that thy get equal funding for sports.

Girls are hunting a lot now too, so don't be surprised if they end up out in a blind with their daddy, or grandaddy. I know you'd love it almost as much as if they were boys.

Happy for all of you. Very lucky folks, all the way around.

Northwoods Woman said...

Don't lose hope! These things can hid a penis, and sometimes, although it's very rare, a penis grows at the last minute.

We are only females by default. If the penis fails to grow, we are female. Pray for a penis!
Good luck!

Chuck said...

I would think girls are easier to spoil than boys anyway! Congrats on another one!

Mushy said...

Thanks guys - I'm very happy with the divine decision.

Les Becker said...

Congratulations, Papaw! I'm glad you're all happy with whatever flavour you get. Lily msut be a joy to have around at that age!

*Goddess* said...

Yay! Girls rule, boys drool:)

jan said...

Girls probably play sports as much as boys today. Get with it, Mushy.

Dana said...

Congratulations again, Pawpaw!

But ya cousin was told twice she was having a boy and both times she had girls. Could be that the ultrasound is wrong you know.

But girls are wonderful too and you will love having two litle girls calling you "Pawpaw".

Buck said...

“I’m sorry dad,” he said, half smiling, “I tried, but it’s a girl.”

I can relate, Mushy. SN2 has four girls, no boys. And he and the DIL are making noises about trying for a boy, yet again. I'm trying to talk him out of that, as I think 40 is a little bit old to think about raising another child, let alone a fifth. But... who am I to talk in that space? LOL!

Either/or... both are good. And... ain't Lily at her BEST age, at the moment? There's something magical about that period of life... the changes come fast and furious, but they're SO much fun to watch!

Nurse Amanda Hugankiss said...

How exciting!!! :)

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...'s VERY exciting!!!

pat houseworth said...

Hey Mushy...Our family went form1949 until 1981 with only girls....I was hatched in 49 then finally in December 1981 oldest son Sam came along...after 7 straight girls between me, brother, and one sister. And after my two sons, my mom's great grandkids have also been girls.....Keep the fingers crossed.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Hell, look at him. Surrounded by womens all his born days. Fate.