Friday, September 26, 2008


On Wednesday, Ron and Neena asked us to pick them up at the Honda service department in Knoxville, and that we would then go see the Farmer’s Market, while their car was being serviced. The Farmer’s Market is held each Wednesday and Saturday at Market Square. It sounded like a good way to get out of the house, so we agreed to go.

We parked in the garage behind the Mast General Store and first browsed the store, picking up a few unique things like a tomato and onion keeper! Nothing you really need, just something to look pretty sitting on the kitchen counter, and might keep the bugs off a once sliced tomato or onion for a day or two!

I perused the candy barrel assortment of bite-sized candies while Dragons touched and felt their way back toward the front door! I have more candy shots over at Flickr!

We left there and headed south on Gay Street toward the First Tennessee Plaza to Garrett’s Downtown Deli! We picked up a couple of ham, Ruben, and club sandwiches to go. We then trudged back down Gay Street and cut over to Krutch Park, found a nice outdoor table and sat down to eat.

The day was marvelous – in the high 70’s, low humidity, and the sky as blue as you could possibly imagine! The only problem we had was one pesky yellow jacket that kept landing on Judy’s mayo!

After licking our fingers and lips, we walked on down to Market Square and toured the few vegetable, flower, jewelry, and hotdog stands in attendance for Wednesday’s Farmer Market.

We noted one street corner preacher, hawking the “good news”. I remember coming to the same street corner as a young boy and being amazed at a sweating, white-shirted, weird sounding man standing on a fruit crate screaming at passerby’s about their pending doom in an “eternal burning hell!”

Oh yes, I remember how uneasy I felt back then, as we passed him standing up there, but thank God I know the truth today! I suppose that’s why I felt no embarrassment in taking this guy’s photo. He was just another man, standing up for his beliefs, and I have my own.

A few steps later and we came across a “happy blogger” sitting, what appeared to be, uncomfortably on the concrete square, her laptop plugged into one of the outdoor outlets she found on the side of a light pole. I’m sure she was browsing Mushy’s Moochings, or maybe The Silverbacks!

Judy and Neena bought a few tomatoes and green beans, and we headed out. The intended destination was the Downtown Grill & Brewery, however, on the way, Ron got a call that their car needed to stay over night. So, we decided to head back to the Honda place, pick up Ron and Neena’s garage door opener, stop by Wild Wings, and take them on home.

Wild Wings was a welcome sight, even though we weren’t hungry, Ron and I knew the “cold beers” are fresh and cold there. So, we had about 4 a piece, Ron had the Fat Tire draft and I had the Yuengling draft! Neena had a glass of wine, and Judy ordered the mixings for a “shandy”!

It was a drink that Denise had introduced her to while she and Fat was visiting! Ron said the only thing keeping him from being totally embarrassed was the fact that none of the glasses were labeled, but when Judy started sucking it down through a straw, we both almost walked away! The shame of it!

Did I mention that we weren’t hungry? Well, we weren’t but we tried their onion rings anyway…hot and spicy battered, juicy inside, and ketchup all over the outside. Wow…they were good and spicy hot! We had been ready to go when the “rings” came up, so Ron and I had our excuse for the 4th round!

After two pit-stops on the way home, and barely making it to Ron’s bathroom, Judy and I got them safely home and left.

It was a great day and we are eternally grateful to them for getting us out of the house on such a beautiful day.


~Fathairybastard~ said...

Aaaahahahahaha! I'm laughin' out loud, interruptin' my students who are tryin' to take a test! They think I'm laughin' at them.

See, and you thought YOU were the one who was corruptin' me! I'm glad Judy likes the Shandy, but a straw? Lord! Wait till I tell Denise.

You'll get used to the embarrassment. I did. And you have NO IDEA how much fun you'll have when bar tenders come around wantin' to know what the hell that was you ordered. Cracks me up every time.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Oh, and we tried that Buffalo Wild Wings place here in town. They have a few flavors that are just as good as Wild Wings, but they don't do the buffet and don't sell Yuengling. Otherwise I love it, so I' can mostly satisfy my wings lust without havin' to wait another year.

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Now THAT is a hard-core blogger!! Sitting on cement is hard enought, but she wasn't even in the shade!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

( . Y . )

Mushy said...

You're a sweetie!

phlegmfatale said...

The lovely Denise introduced ME to the shandy, too. YUM!!!

Those candy pics are gorgeous - it's amazing how pretty candy is, even if you're like me and don't like it that much. (Now, I'm down with anything deep-fried, but candy? not so much)

Shrinky said...

The only time I ever drink a beer is if it is served in the form of a shandy - grin. Leave that Judy of yours alone, she is a gal of discerning taste!

Any day out is a good day out when it's spent in good company, and this one seems to have been no exception. We have farmers markets over here, wonderful stalls loaded with fresh local produce, everything from meat's to home grown pots of honey.

(ps. Just gave you an extra vote, can't have Suldog cleaning up two weeks on the trot!)

Les Becker said...

Gorgeous candy pics, Mushy! Now my sweet tooth is aching, thanks a lot. I'm off to Ruby's where, hopefully, she will feed it (hard luck on a beer over there, and she refuses to crack that bottle of Tequila she got for Christmas three years ago, too. Sigh...*).

Come back and read my finished "cook" story - I think my feed is screwed up.

Mushy said...

I still get feed notifications Les on Bloglines.

Jose said...

Are you sure she was not purusing "Joe Cool's Blog", I'm pretty well known ya know. lol I got thirsty reading your post, those cold ones looked mighty good.

Mushy said...

She got there Jose, by clicking through my blogroll!

catscratch said...

I love Market Square. Sundown in the City is too crowded, but everything else down there is awesome!

*Goddess* said...

Nehi! I haven't seen one of those in a long time. And I love those round caramel candies with the white center you photographed.