Saturday, October 27, 2007


Met another blogger Friday night – Jerry from “BACK HOME AGAIN!”

Jerry was on his way down to Eric’s, somewhere near Etowah, TN, which is just a few miles southeast of here, to a little “blogger gathering” of some friends he has made over the past couple of years. I could not join them this weekend, so he stopped by Harriman on his way down. I’m sure glad he did. He is really a nice guy.

He was going to party a little with these fine bloggers (others were expected):

Eric -
Denny - (who I particularly wanted to meet)
Jimbo -
Bou -
Erica -

I got to thinking about it tonight, about how it is really special to meet new friends, especially blogging friends. Think about it - we get to know each other through the parts of their lives we share in our posts, just little snippets that show how we feel about our families and friends, or our pets. You can learn a lot about people that way over the weeks, months, and years you follow their blogs.

Other than face-to-face interaction, blogging is one of the few other ways you can come to understand how a person feels about life. Take for instance FHB. I began to see into his soul, a little at a time, and one day I realized he was a good heart, and before I knew it we were spending time together – almost a week this summer. I knew immediately, upon meeting him, that he was exactly the kind of person I thought he was from his blogging. The entire family enjoyed his visit.

Besides “Fat,” as my family refers to him, and now Jerry, I have also met (in no particular order):

Mark -
Les -
Lissa -
Doug -
Rich -
Tish -
Michael -

I have spoken through the web or on the phone to (in no particular order):

Rebecca -
Bruno -
Boz -

I correspond several times a year via email with (in no particular order):

David -
Pat -
Diva -
Buck -
Lin -
Jose -
The Crew -
Debbie -
Carol -
Dana -
Les -
Ron -
Hillary -

On top of all these, I read and comment on about 60 other important people’s blogs, and I love them all! We share a special bond. I often pray for these people when they have things going wrong in their lives, and I think they would do the same thing for me. We are a family of bloggers!

I look forward to meeting other bloggers over the years, and I hope to continue to find that “blogger bond” with them!


Hammer said...

I got to meet Jerry Earlier this year in Kerrville. Like you said he's a super nice guy and he knows a hell of alot about music and farming.

I also hope to meet up with you guys in future meets.

Mushy said...

Yes, he told me about meeting you and I told him you were one guy I had to meet. Someday.

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I do envy you mushy, I would love to have an opportunity to meet these people who have become so dear to my heart. You are so right, you, and a few select others, are like my second family now. Another great post, as ever my friend.

Les Becker said...

The "Blog-Family" - that's how I think of the bloggers I feel closest to (you being one, Mushy). Some I correspond with for a long time before they become a part of that special niche. Others just seem to pop right in there as if they've always been.

Non-Bloggers just can't grasp this phenomenon, can they? My mother worries that I'll never meet "real" people. My dad worries that I'll be ripped off (yeah, like I have all this money stashed away) or stalked and killed.

I really think my life would be very lonely without you all. One of my big dreams is to finally meet everybody face to face someday. Can I park my trailer in your back yard for a week or two..? :-)

Buck Pennington said...

Ain't technology grand? Who'd a thunk it, just ten short years ago, that we'd be using this medium as we are? Not me...

Like Carol, I haven't had the opportunities that you've had to meet my blogging friends, Mushy. P-Ville ain't as far off the beaten track as the IoM...but it's kinda sorta close! ;-)

*Goddess* said...

Over SIXTY BLOGS?! Good grief. The twentysome I have are kicking my ass.

Course how many of those sixty are your own? LOL!! Joking...

And remember, you can call me anytime. Just $1.99 a minute.

Mushy said...

Like I have guys and gals are the best.

Sadly, I have lost several email and/or phone numbers during my last crash. I get'em back one day.

See ya.

Ron Southern said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mushy said...

I suppose it could be construed a crap shot, Ron, but thus far I'm battin' .3664!

Chuck said...

I like to imagine a "Blogging Neighborhood" where we're all kinda friends or acquaintances. I've met a few bloggers over the years too, and I'd sure like to meet some more.

~Fathairybastard~ said...

Well, I know it felt weird to go and meet Mushy, only knowing him from the blog, but after no time at all it felt like being right at home with family. Starting this blog has changed my life. I think we all have made a connection here on the web that other folks just can't understand. I know you're all like family now. Huge love. Yea, we need to arrange to get together in a central location some day and have a big booze up and BBQ, or whatever. It would be too fun.

Mushy said...

Count me in!

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

Can I come too??

Mushy said...

Lord yes! You can win the door prize for the "blogger coming the furtherest!"

BRUNO said...

Wait a minute, let me wipe these "tears of brotherhood" away---OK, there! Now, for the comment: "If you keep lookin' into MY soul, and searchin' it, about all you're gonna find is a BAD case of foot-fungus!!!"

There! THAT ought to keep the werewolves at bay this Halloween...!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Hi Mushy - My thoughts EXACTLY! :) I (Shawn)would lOVE to meet my bloggy-friends in person! (Of course, Olga is already doing this...darned bra has all the fun!!!)

Michele said...

Mushy, the bunch you mentioned going to Eric's is quite the bunch, let me tell ya!! Unless you are looking for a hangover it's probably better you didn't go!! *LOL* Just kidding, they are a hardy bunch!

Mushy said...

Olga - Would like to meet the bra as well!

Michele - Now I'm really sorry I didn't go!

That 1 Guy said...

Heheheh... I knew it! Jerry is one of the best!

And that crew he hooked up with is a very fine bunch of folks. I'm really bummed that I couldn't make it this year... as I am that I couldn't meet you before I moved out here.

Sometime in the next year, I'll be going for a long ride. Hope to catch you then!

Mushy said...

Wonderful! Looking forward to it.

Bou said...

Came over from T1G's and the comment you had over there. He is a nice guy. The nicest of nice. ;-) Shhh... maybe that's supposed to be a secret!

And I adore Jerry. He had me laughing so hard all weekend, I hurt. What an excellent sense of humor he has and he's QUICK.

Debbie said...

SO many good friends in the blogosphere, thanks for including me Mushy. I can't seem to get hubby any further than Memphis to the West and Nashville to the East. Too many hobbies keep him busy, plus work. I'll have to push him to take a Blog Vacation and visit blog friends across this great land.

Lin said...

With any luck, Mushy, we'll both be around long enough for you to visit us here at the ranch. Remember, it's bring your own ... on pretty much everything except regular food and clean bed sheets.

pat houseworth said...

Couple of folks I would like to meet....and hopefully that will happen when I get back on my RVs runs.....the world is much smaller thanks to the internet....which is good in most cases.

Jerry said...

The road back was just as long as the road down there. There was a logjam at the Ohio River bridge and some road construction in Indiana. Took about 2 extra hours to get home. Got in at midnight. I'm pooped.

You'll have to contact Eric and Big Stupid Tommy and go down there and meet them. Have them take you to the Tellico Junction Cafe in Englewood.

It was so great to meet you. Keep in touch.

Becky said...

I'm amazed at how good of friends my blog buddies have become -- even those that I haven't met in person yet. Oftentimes, they communicate with me more often than my family/friends. I've met about 14 or so in-person and have had a great time; everyone has been exactly what they seemed, even though we might not reveal everything on our blogs.

Jose said...

What a wonderful post Mushy, at one point in my life I was a CBer and we were a pretty tight family too. Fast forward to now blogging is one of the things I do that I enjoy a lot. I too have made friends and although I have yet to meat any of you in person I feel I know you just by the way you all write. Besides the blog I do email many of my blogging friends, I believe in we can't ever have too many friends, there is always room for one more. You have been a possitive influence since I met you, for that I thank you and look forward to our blogging future.

Ralph's Homespun Headlines said...

Got here via Jerry's blog and glad I did. I never thought of it as a blogging family before but I think you are right. I'll be back for more visits.

Erica said...

I've met Jerry twice now, and talk to him on the phone once or twice a month, now, I'm guessing.

He is as good as they get, as is everyone who I've met at every other blogmeet, especially Jerry...and his freaking corn and hay and stray.

Weird, no doubt...but definitely one of the best.


phlegmfatale said...

You're so right about bloggers being a family - I feel like more than at any time in my life, I've found my tribe. I love all you people. :)