Sunday, February 11, 2007


My cousins and I (on my mother’s side) helped celebrate my Uncle Tom’s 70th birthday this weekend at Elk’s Club in Florence, Alabama.
I have not seen most of these cousins in more than 20 years, but we had not missed a step and had a great time reminiscing together. As you look at the photo, you may only see maturing faces, but to us we were all still playing in yard at Grandmother Williams’ house. I did not see the age in our eyes, but young faces running, screaming, and teasing each other as we always did. The youth will never fade from our memories, nor will our love for each other.

We only have my Mom, my Aunt Nell, and my Uncle Tom left out of the original elder family, and we cherish every moment we have with them. Also, we still have Aunt Audene and Uncle Lee who married into our family, and they make gatherings special as well.

Several cousins were missing, a couple sick, a few had to work, and some lived too far away. However, next time, we hope to see everyone together again.

There is nothing better than family!


EC said...

I couldn't agree more - it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Fathairybastard said...

Sounds like you had a great time. As sentimental as you are, I'm sure it was a big day. I've got our annual Wilson family reunion coming up the first Sunday in March, and I'll be takin' the old man out to see his relatives, and mine. It's always a good time, but the folks we see are getting less and less familiar. The geezers are fewer and the young ones are takin' their place. Natural way of things I guess. I tell ya, when dad goes, they probably won't see much of me.

Ranger Tom said...

It's nice to have family... The majority of mine are gone now, so I'm basically alone in the world. Glad you had a great time!

(BTW, I know I left a long comment about me smoking Lucky Strikes on your post about smoking... But it somehow disappeared...)

Rebecca said...

Actually you *can* beat family. I prefer rubber tubing.

Michele said...

I have four younger sisters spread out throughout the US. When we all get together you can bet there is plenty of laughing and retelling of stories. Unfortunately it isn't as often as we would like it to be, though.

Jose said...

Amen to that! I think you already know how I feel about family and family gatherings. I'm glad you had a goot time with yours.

Mushy said...

RT - Sorry I missed your comment...send me an email sometime.

Thanks folks.

BRUNO said...

See? There are good memories out there, sometimes ya' just need to search 'em out, like you just did! I still envy you, man! Having family you can trust, and relate to, and not be afraid to turn your back on! (Although, unless I'm mistaken, that "back to the wall" row, there, looks pretty full...!)