Friday, October 13, 2006


As I mentioned previously, the “Traveling Wall” is visiting our fair city this week and weekend. As I viewed the Vietnam War Memorial today, I touched the panels where the names of Airman Fuller and Jones were imprinted. These Air Force Security Policemen died thirty days before I was to leave the country, making my final month the longest month of my life. I was “short” and afraid I would not make it home myself.

I just wanted to let them live once again, at least in our minds, and ask you to pray that the war against terrorism does not grow into another scare upon our land.

Gary Leroy Fuller - The Plains, Ohio – Married - 22 Years Old (Panel 15E Row 105)

Robert Henry Osborn Jones - Arlington, Virginia – Single - 21 Years Old (Panel 15E – Row 106)

Both died on February 27, 1967 at DaNang Airbase, South Vietnam during an early morning Katyusha rocket attack on the base. Fuller died as he sat up startled in his bunk from another explosion, about two hooches south of mine. Shrapnel caught the young man in the jugular and he almost surely died instantly. Airman Jones was wounded running for a bunker, catching shrapnel from the same rocket in his lower body. He died minutes later on a hospital ship in the China Sea.

This photo is of me next to the rocket crater that woke Gary Fuller. It was to the rear of the hooches, while the one that fatally wounded both Fuller and Jones hit forward of the hooches.

These are just two of the many young men (and women) who never got to experienced marriage, children, grandchildren, or any grand slice of life at all. The least we can do is remember them.

It seems we do not have enough time to heal from one war until there is another one - always an open wound on the land for one reason of the other. However, it is not as if we were not told – the Bible plainly says, there will always be wars and rumors of wars. And so it shall be!


Fathairybastard said...

Yep, it sucks, but that's the way of the world. There's always been wars and probably always will be wars, human beings being what they are, and politicians being what they are. Ya just hope that if it's gonna happen to someone you love, that it doesn't happen in vain.

Saw the wall last spring when I went to D.C. to visit a buddy. Even theough I am lucky to not have any family on the wall, it was still very moving.

Mushy said...

It's enough that you took the time - whatever moment you gave - they live on.

Man, just think of what was taken from them...all the things you've done over the 20 or 30 years they never got. That's what war takes away from our young sons.

It's all stupid...I was there, but it was all stupid and all the rest will be just as stupid.

Sad thing is, you can't say there's no reason for war. If stupid people want to take it away from you, you have to defend yourself!

Jose said...

War, thank God I did not experience one. I tried enlisting in the Army but because I was not a legal resident I did not qualify. Now I see all these young men and women in harms way and all I can do is pray for their safety. Being a biker I participate in lots of runs to remember our soldiers, we have a yearly "Hearts to Heroes" run that sends Packages from Home to the soldiers, and also the 9/11 memorial runs each year. Soldiers that come and give speeches move us so much that tears roll down freely and without shame. I respect and love this country because it has given me a good life and a chance to raise my kids in a way we could have not given them is we would have stayed in Mexico. So a big THANK YOU to all of our soldiers in harms way from a Mexican that cares.

Mushy said...

God bless you my friend and thank you from those that can't say it.

Damn, go'na have to stop drinking this Crown and blogging!

I hate getting old and sentimental...I tear up over the least thing any more, and don't care.

Ron Southern said...

Keep on truckin', though!

Anonymous said...

There's a similar memorial in Tallahassee right now -- it's a replica of the one in Washington, D.C.

This always brings tears to my eyes for personal reasons.

You are an outstanding writer with a huge heart.

Thank you for your service to our country.

bozette said...

My Cousin is on that wall.
His name was Donald Cyrus.
I always cry when the wall comes to Wis"cow"son and I see his name.
I thank You for the time you served.
I Have 3 Adopted soliders in Iraq who I write ( weekly ) and send packages ( Monthly )to. It helps them cope to know someone outside of the family cares.

CyberCelt said...

Many of the young men I grew up with are on that wall. When I saw the wall in Washington, it was an intensely emotional experience for me. I brought back on of the walls (paper layout) for my future husband, who fought in the war. He studied it for hours. You see he was a medic and he never knew who made it after they were evacuated.

What makes me angry is that we are sacrificing another generation to the god of oil.

Benny said...

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Mushy said...

Sorry Benny, your content isn't right for my readership. Maybe later.

Although, I may keep it bookmarked for further review!

Ranger Tom said...

Lest we forget all out brothers and sisters.

Lae said...

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phlegmfatale said...

and look at you - just a pup and seeing so much of the worst the world has to offer. Indeed, my heart goes out to young men and women then and now who step into that brutal field - one of life's greatest cruelties - it makes no sense.

Marie said...

Mushy, I visited the Vietnam Memorial in DC and was shocked at how moved I was. I hadn't planned to be affected by it at all. It was really something.

God bless our troops and the families who provided them.

Don't stop getting old and sentimental. Young and indifferent is boring!

Anonymous said...
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