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Monday, May 26, 2014

"The Three Soldiers" Replica Dedicated In Memorial Day Ceremony

As a follow up to my previous post, Roane County Veterans, and their supporters, came together Monday (Memorial Day) to honor all veterans, and especially the fallen, by dedicating a replica of the statues that compliment the "The Wall" in Washington, DC, "The Three Soldiers".

The Three Soldiers (also known as The Three Servicemen) is a bronze statue on the Washington, DC National Mall commemorating the Vietnam War.  It was created and designed to complement the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, by adding a more traditional component to the Memorial.

That replica, sculpted by Greg Horak of Harriman, now stands in Riverfront Park in Harriman, Tennessee.  It is believed to be the largest replica of the memorial in the state, if not anywhere outside DC.

Roane County now has a place to go and remember those veterans that gave some, and those that gave all.

The effort to get the memorial financed and installed was a join project for American Legion Post 232 and the Newman-Davis American Legion Post 53, both of Harriman, TN.  At the ceremony Monday, both organizations participated in the formalities.

On hand were Post Commanders Bill Copeland (53) and Greg Love (232), Adjutants Cliff Cole (53) and Bronce Cleveland making sure Legionnaires knew their ceremonial duties.  Second District Commander Dennis E. Moldenhauer came to represent the American Legion Department of Tennessee.  
The event was kicked off with the Pledge of Allegiance, and a moving rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner" by Pastor Alvin Douglass, also a member of Post 232.
The memorial was unveiled and formally dedicated by speeches from Gary Todd, Finance Officer of Post 53, Greg Love, Commander of Post 232, Janice Black, representing the Avery Trace Daughters of the American Revolution, and Cliff Cole, Adjutant of Post 53.

A wreath was posted in honor of the fallen of Roane County, and members of the Cunningham and Cleveland families were escorted to and from the presentation.
Various members read the names of Roane County fallen, each name followed by a ring of the American Legion bell.  Following this reading, which, by the way, was surprising long, was "TAPS" played by Perry Hawn.  

We seldom stop long enough to realize how many Roane County lives have been sacrificed for American freedom.  However, the American Legion knows every name and just how special that sacrifice was/is.
After all was said and done, the two Legion groups did a fantastic job, and the members stay a long time mingling and getting to know their Legion brothers, and other Veteran brothers.  It's good to see progress in the community.
All Veterans came together before of the "The Three Soldiers" memorial for a shoulder-to-shoulder photo to remember the great thing they had witnessed.
Also, on hand were members of the Vietnam Vet/Legacy Vets Motorcycle Club, Chapter H of Tennessee.  

Next up?  There are plans for a Korean, a WWII, and a "War On Terror" memorial that will join this memorial around the fountain in Riverfront Park.  It's good to be remembered for a job well done! 

It took 6 long years to raise enough money for the Vietnam memorial, so it is hoped the public will see fit to donate more toward the future plans.  We don't need to wait 6 more years...Veterans are dying every day, and memorials give them some bit of healing from the scares inflicted by war.  They sacrificed for us, so let's sacrifice for them...NOW! 

Give to the local American Legion for the memorial fund.
Here are various other photographs made during the ceremony.  Hopefully, you are among those attending!
Sculptor Greg Horak gets a round of applause!

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