Friday, March 29, 2013

Out And About!

I'm having "posterior lumbar interbody fusion" (PLIF) surgery in late April, so today, while I was feeling like moving, I got out and went "manly-man" shopping with my son.  

We looked at everything from clothes at Men's Warehouse to golf clubs at Dick's!  Corey bought a #3 RZB fairway wood and picked up some super cool sunglasses to wear when driving the Mustang!  A man has to look his best!

We stopped at Silo Cigars to get a little something for Bailey's Sports Grille, and that's when I spotted it!  It looked like 20mm rounds in an ammo can...on the floor of the humidor room!
On closer inspection I saw that it was a special promotion Recon Cigar display.  The owner of the shop actually brought in the ammo can as an addition attractor!  It worked!

The "round", uh the cigar, cost be $20, but I just had to have this conversation piece.  I haven't tasted the product yet, but I plan on it Sunday at a family gathering.

At Bailey's we both enjoyed the "Black Forest" sandwich; he with fries and a gallon of tea, and me with onion rings and Fat Tire.  Man, it was tasty, and the rings are awesome!
We puffed our cigars and talked, and half-watched a couple guys play pool and I took a couple of shots to merge into this HDR renditions.  I love the effect of HDR.

I got to see my granddaughters as well today.  They are so precious, and of course, the prettiest and best grandchildren ever!

I just love good times with my son.  He is special and time with him is very rare and special.

See ya!


BRUNO said...


Is it's camo-"painted"-on? Or, does it come from 3 or 4 different grades of wrapper? About a-60x12, there, ain't it?

Hell, you'll need Corey---or a rifle-rest!---to hold it up for lighting/smoking/ash-management!☺

Surprised it didn't cost more than that---the "shell"-alone would likely retail for that-much...

Paul Mashburn said...

I got taken...found them on line for $12!

I'll let you know about the wrapper later. Haven't lit up yet.

Paul Mashburn said...

Wrapper is actually different tobacco colors!

BRUNO said...

I'll bet it ain't gonna be no-Macanudo!

Hmm. Maybe those "off-colors" are actually grass?

Oh-h-h, one could only dream---literally.....!☺

Paul Mashburn said...

Wouldn't that be wonderful!?