Friday, January 11, 2013


My granddaughter, Kaitlyn (Katie Bug we call her), spent the night with us last night, and usually we have a big breakfast together, however, today was Judy's "girlfriend luncheon" day, so there was no breakfast.  Judy did not feel like breaking the date, since it had been planned for a month, so Katie and I decided to have an "adventure" day.

She and I used to have "ventures", as she called them (as I've written before), when she was a little thing, and I always cherished those times.  Today was no exception, except that it was more of a lunch date rather than a ride through the country side or a hike.

She decided she wanted to go to P. F. Chang's, so off we went through the rain to Knoxville.
The place was filled with the "sad" working lunch crowd, and it felt so good to know I was retired and didn't have to rush through a meal and get back to work.  We took our time, knowing the only thing we had to rush back to was maybe a nap!

We continued the conversations we had on the 40-mile ride over our "hot and sour" soup appetizer.  She is quite a conversationalists, and very knowledgeable about current events, and worries a lot about the struggles of people today.  We talked about gun and drug control, and various ways they could be controlled, a little politics, school classes, and, of course, boyfriends.

I love these talks.  It helps me get into her mind, and possibly instill some guidance or direction from my life's experience.  Bottom line...I thoroughly enjoyed our day!  I love her so much, and these times help me worry less about her while she's away at school, and her future.

She ordered the CRISPY HONEY SHRIMP, and, as usual, I went for the spicy KUNG PAO SCALLOPS, stir-fried with peanuts, chili peppers and scallion!  I love the "hot bite" of this dish, and the crunch of the peanuts. Both dishes were suburb! I can say that because I tasted of her's too! 

Thank you sweetheart, for the lovely day!  I hope you and Papaw get to enjoy many more days like this in the future.  You are special to me and I'll never forget our time together.

Sunday, January 06, 2013

And Yet, I'm Still here!

When I think back to all the times I could have missed all this, I wonder why I'm still here?  Why did I survive; when so many passed on?

The times I rode with my dad, sleeping peacefully without a seat-belt, in the backseat, while he passed on the crooked two-lane roads of the 50's and 60's; when so many others died in similar ways.

Yet, I'm still here.

The time when I fell from my bike, and knocked myself cold; when so many other youngsters die in similar ways.

Yet, I'm still here.

The time my snow sled rammed a hidden log, almost breaking my neck; when so many others died in similar ways.

Yet, I'm still here.

All the times I drove fast, in a time before seat-belts, even hitting a tree once; when so many others died in similar ways.

Yet, I'm still here.

The year I spent in Vietnam, enduring several rocket attacks; when so many others died.

Yet, I'm still here.

All the times I drove home buzzed; when so many others died in similar ways.

Yet, I'm still here.

The time I jumped from Caney Ford bridge; when so many others died in similar ways.

The time the houseboat ran aground and threw me head first over the bow into a rocky bank, littered with driftwood spikes; when so many others died in similar ways.

Yet, I'm still here.

The angry year of 2009/2010 when I fell from a short drop on Buzzard's Bluff and cracked four ribs, and then found out I had kidney cancer; when so many others have died and are dying the similar ways.

Yet, I'm still here.

Why are so many of us still here, when others our age have passed on?  

Maybe it's just to be here to say, I love you to someone, and to tell them that Jesus loves them regardless of their wicked ways!

Further, I may not be able to forgive you of your sins, He can, and will unconditionally through his Grace.

Life will get me one of these days, probably through "dumb luck and pneumonia", as Jack Bondurant said of his uncle Forrest in the movie "Lawless"!  

Yet, He will still be here.