Thursday, November 01, 2012


Okay, it's probably a ruse, but thanks to a cute 23 year-old sales girl, some razzle-dazzle, and several minutes spent trying everything out, my "sleep number" is 35!

I think that's the norm for air bed users, since that number, or 70 is on all the promos.

Being over 200 lbs., I wallow out a mattress in 3 to 5 years. Then I spend several years trying to get my money's worth out of it; all the while suffering with aches and pains.

The photos below are a real time pressure point photos.  The first one shows how heavy my ass is!  That number is at setting 100, which is the full inflated bed.  It felt so good, even there, especially being compared to the sway-back mule I'm now trying to use.  I would have bought it if it didn't adjust!  I'm averaging 5 to 6 hours in the hole, and my hips are killing me!

At that point the long-dark-haired gal asked me to start pressing the down button.  I could feel my legs and arms start touching the bed...sinking down into the caressing arms of the mattress.  I have never felt my body completely against a mattress.  Some parts always seem to float above the bed with no support.  Others are pressed hard into the mattress supporting the part of the iceberg floating above!
Down, down I went until the photo scan looked like the second 35.  I then noticed, after turning on my side, the way I sleep, that my hip pain had almost dissolved away!  My ass wasn't so heavy anymore!

So, I bought the damn thing!  Now, if I can get 7 hours out of it, it will be money well spent.


FHB said...

I've been sleepin' soundly on my pillow top for about 10 yrs. How long is one supposed to last?

BRUNO said...

What's that blue-area to the RIGHT-side of the graphic? Your balls? Are they THAT-heavy?(Lucky-Buster!)☺

I don't have an-adjustable mattress, but I do have an-inflatible camping-mattress in my-upstairs room, one of those rated for 300+ pounds, that I "sack-out" on occasionally.

My-"sleep-number" is WIDE-OPEN---just like those air-bag suspensions on tractor-trailers.☺

I like the way it sleeps, but it's pure HELL for about 5-minutes after gettin' up, until the joints all get UN-relaxed, again...!

Paul Mashburn said...

Turns out my real life number is 40!

I'm beginning to get used to it. You seem to be down in a cosy bag, and the edge is soft to sit on.