Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I'll be honest, I knew there was a radio controlled airplane group in the Harriman, Tennessee area, but I never knew it was a such a well organized and polished group!

I also admit that I just half wanted to see if I could find the area where the old Harriman Drag Strip used to be when I turned off North Roane onto Fiske Road, but when I saw the Tennessee Eagles R/C Field sign, I knew I must see what had been cut out of such an overgrown area of Harriman.  I finally reached the summit and saw, for the first time, the clubs beautiful landing strip! 

President Bob Freels, who I met on my short visit, and the rest of the clubs officers, have done an admiral job of building this club up.  The 600-foot strip is finely manicured, there are bleachers for viewing, and plenty of places to park and unfold your lawn chairs!

There's usually someone there each Saturday, but they do have special meets, like Open Fly Day coming up on April the 28th!

There were two experienced flyers that last Saturday.  You would have to be experienced to fly on a winding day like that, but I found out that there are usually more people there on calmer days.

I told one flyer that I had always wanted to learn to fly RC planes, but was just too intimidated by them.  He told me it was never too late to learn, and that they would be glad to teach me.  Well, that probably won't happen, but who knows.

All I know is, I really had a great time, and can't imagine how much more exciting it would have been with more flyers there.  So, I'm going back the 28th of April, and have marked my calendar for June 30th when they will hold the Annual TERC Warbird Event!  Can you imagine seeing all those old war-bird planes zipping around!

Well, I'm definitely going back, so I hope to see you there! 

Or, you can check out the photos and videos on their website: CLICK HERE!

Oh, I never did find the old drag strip, but who cares now!

See more photos HERE!


BRUNO said...

Love the engine-shot!(That CO2-bottle brazed-on there for an exhaust looks like somethin' I might be guilty of!☺)

Supposedly there's an RC-aircraft club, with their own private 'airport' not far from me? Snobby-assed bastards, though. They've got more money, than self-respect. Not my-'caliber'!☺

Good-thing for them I don't live "in-range". Otherwise, I'd be just like North Korea, waitin' for one to get off-course, an' see if he could fly that inve$tment through the 'flak' of a few of those 12-ga. "Mariner-flares", in various-'safety'-colors!☺

Yeah, those flares ain't cheap either, but, BOY are they BIG! Pretty!

And, HOT!!! Just kidding!


Mushy said...

Got me and Judy rolling again!

Ever considered doing standup!

FHB said...

Back when I was in college and livin' in Ft. Worth I used to go out to Benbrook lake some weekends and watch they guys fly their planes, and a few helicopters. Back then the RC helos were hard as hell to fly. Not the counter rotating prop toys they have now that any kid can fly. You had to control the tail prop and fly it just like the real thing.

I used to sit and watch them fly, and daydream about setting up my own little SAM site on the edge of the field. I even did a diagram of how I'd load the tip of the rocket with a shotgun shell. Like a V2. All fantasy of course. I didn't have the technical knowledge of how to set such a thing up. I just thought it'd be cool.