Saturday, February 25, 2012


This is a followup to "Never Use Wallpaper Border" that was posted on February 8th!  

Well, today is the 22nd, and the painting was completed today.  It was actually a good news, bad news, situation for Judy and me.  The good news is that we think we had the best people and the best home interior painters in all of Roane County.  The bad news, we enjoyed Ruth and Kenneth Whittenbarger so much, that we were sad to see it end.

From the 8th to the 22nd sounds like a long time, but it was only around 7 days of work.  The work included painting all the ceilings, including inside the closets.  All the walls, including inside the closets, and painting a lot of trim.  That all happened only after a large amount of time was spent removing old wallpaper and border.

Now Judy did a huge portion of the wallpaper and border, saving us some money.  I commend her for the hard work she expended during this time.  She was also pretty sick during the first couple of days, but hung in there.  It involved standing on a step-ladder, spraying Diff, and scrapping with a 1" putty-knife, all with her arms high above her head!

I just couldn't hold out long enough, having had a couple of shoulder surgeries, but I busied myself picking up, sweeping up, and vacuuming what she torn off!

We both worked hard at unloading and then restocking our closets, moving furniture, getting supplies, cleaning up floors and windows, and wiping off the tops of everything in our house.

I then had the job of putting back up the curtains, and the new wood venetian blinds, in several rooms.  All-in-all, it was a very busy two weeks, plus weekends!

Ruth is the best too.  No one I've seen can match her dexterity with a paint brush, her endurance, and skill!  She never stopped, except to give Judy fresh new interior design ideas to spend more of my money!  She is a wonderful person, and we could tell, one of the best grandmothers going!  She loves her babies!

Ruth is also blessed to be married to Kenneth.  I don't think there is anything that Kenneth can't do when it comes to home building and repair.  What he don't know, he's just forgot!

Once we pulled off some wallpaper next to the fireplace, and there was a horrible sight!  There was rotten wood with mold!  Luckily, if there is any good part to that scenario, the wood was dry, which meant that it had received the damage prior to the new metal roof installation.  

We had no idea, and had this work not been done, we may have never known, or our fireplace would have fallen, either into the living room, or out into the backyard!

I thought all was lost...especially my billfold!

However, Ken just looked at it and said, "No problem, I think I can fix it."  No explanation point, just a matter-of-fact tone that eased my mine almost immediately.

I scrounged up some 2X4s and a 2X12 from the basement, some sheet rock I had gotten to patch up the old 1978 intercom holes, and took off to Christmas Lumber for a couple more 2X4s and some R11 installation.  

By the next afternoon, Ken had dung out all the old stuff and put in all the new stuff, and sealed the plywood!  The next morning Ruth covered everything up with paintable wallpaper and applied the first coat!

They are good!

If you live locally (Roane County, Tennessee) and want their information, just send me an email and I'll send it to you...or you can look them up yourself!

So, today was a little bitter-sweet, but it is good to have the house back to ourselves, but we will miss our new friends.  We intend to get together at KFC one day for lunch and make some more memories!

All that's left is for us to get new doors for six closets, and cut, stain, and nail in floor molding in three rooms!  Will it stop there...nope!  She wants the screened-porch made into a sun room.  Luckily that just involves sliding windows, but I still have to deal with installers!

Wish me luck...and send money!

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