Thursday, February 23, 2012


I don't know why functions insist on scheduling things early in the morning, especially when they involve retired grandparents!  Don't they know we need our rest?!

Nah, it didn't matter, it was Grandparent/Special Friend Day at one of my granddaughter's school.  I would have been there at 6AM, if need be!

She was a special child in her class.  She had six grandparents following her around, like follow the leader!  Her dad's mom and I divorced years ago, but we have since grown to be close friends, and my wife and I enjoy Connie and her husband Gary's company.  We often visit and and break bread together, but usually it has something to do with one or both of our grandchildren.  Besides, we have lots in common, like our son, the grand kids, and her family, especially her dad, who has been like a father to me through it all.

But today we roamed the halls of the Christian school, getting stares from people wondering why so many people were following this little girl, who was on a mission to show us her school.
Me, Judy, Dwight, Joyce, Gary, and Connie on Grandparents Day!
She loves school and is disappointed when classes are suspended for snow or holidays.  She loves her friends, and she certainly seems to have lots of them.  She often tells me their names and what they did in school that day...talking about them as if she was much older than her five years.

She, if I may brag, and who doesn't when it comes to grandchildren, is beautiful, the image of her mom in looks and actions, according to her dad, and she is very intelligent, which is something she gets from both her parents.  The children all seem much smarter than when I was at that age.  They even put up the words to their songs on a monitor so they can read the words!  Heck, I had trouble with Dick and Jane when I was a year older than she is now!

The church welcomed us old folks with name tags, an orientation, and later a catered lunch of fired chicken.  You know you're in a Baptist church when there's fired chicken around!

The old people departed the orientation to head to the appropriate class presentations in different areas of the complex.  I was amazed at how huge the church was, and was glad there were 8th graders at every door to direct us during our morning tour of the school and church.

In her program room, Lily was seated in the middle of several kindergarten children, flanked by first and second graders, seated on a raised bleacher.  They recited scripture and sang songs of welcome and praise to us, while we sat focused on Lily...barely seeing the other children!  

She read and sang every word, rarely looking out into the audience, but she did playfully poke and touch a young boy seated next to her.  Later she confessed he was her boyfriend, and even ran over to him and pulled him in front of my camera.  She's not shy!

After the singing, the children were asked to find their grandparents and visit with them for a short time.  Lily had already spotted and waved at us earlier, so she immediately ran to us.  We took turns hugging and holding her on our laps.  She was so blessed to have so many people there that love her.

Later we visited Lily in her room, where she continued to talk to her classmates, sometimes ignoring us as if it were a normal class day.

It was a great morning filled with warm friendship and love.  Judy and I really enjoyed the other grandparents and look forward to the next opportunity to be together.

Dwight and Joyce have been my friends long before our children married.  We shared Sunday School rooms and fellowships long ago in another church.  They have recently retired from over thirty years of missionary work in Africa.  They are salt of the earth folks, with many a wonderful story to tell.  No wonder I love being around them too.

Looking forward to next year's "old folks day"!  By then, we'll have another grandchild in the same school.  Wow, then we'll have to decide who is going to which class presentation first!

I guess that's why you have to get there so early...there are lots of decisions to be made when you are sharing special moments in your grand children's lives. 

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She's a lucky little girl.