Saturday, February 04, 2012


Let's talk weapon carry for a minute or two.  

I have three firearms that I like to carry, but most of the time I have a Ruger LCP on my hip, wrapped in a leather "wallet holster" that makes it feel just like a billfold when I have it in my jeans.  It weighs less than 10oz. empty, so I sometimes even forget I have it with me.  Truth be told, it lays in the driver-side door well most of the time, but I'm not usually far from it, or my Bersa .380, or my favorite, the Springfield Champion 1911.

But anyway, what I wanted to tell you was that a couple of weeks ago, Steve and I were at Academy Sports where he discovered the ProMag 10 round magazine for the LCP!  Naturally, I had to have it, even though I'll never "carry" with the extended mag in the LCP.  It would make it a much harder to conceal and more uncomfortable; but for target practice, or if I should ever get caught up in a firefight with a drug cartel, I'll at least have 17 rounds; the extended clip, the regular 6 clip, and 1 in the chamber, to sling back in their direction!

Seriously, I just wanted the clip to make backyard/range shooting much more enjoyable.  Besides, it was under $20 at Academy, whereas others are asking $25 or more!

I've included some photos to better show you what I'm talking about.

You can see that the extended magazine provides a lot more gun to grasp, whereas, with the stock 6-round mag I have to wrap my pinkie neatly under the magazine!  

Also, the wallet holster also beefs up the grip somewhat.  You don't even have to remove the gun from the holster to jack-a-round, or pull the trigger.  Just remove it from your back pocket (where I prefer it, and in the pocket that matches your shooting hand) and fire away!

Just food for thought guys.  Shooting and self-preservation are two more of my favorite subjects!


FHB said...

Cool. I shot a guys Beretta 9mm with a 25 rd after market mag in it once. It was fun. You just keep shootin'.

That Bersa looks a lot like the Makarov my mom sleeps with.

PRH....... said...

For sure a lite weight way to carry, quick to FHB comment "You Just Keep Shootin"....There are more than a few political hacks that need....Oh' never mind :} why get the Brown Shirts out after me?

BRUNO said...

Are those +P hollow-points, or 'just' flat-nose standard loads?

I like the extra-velocity of the few 9mm +P hollow-rounds I have left. They mushroom beautifully!

But the standard-pressure round-nose is SO-much easier to control, I.M.O., only.

Neat-little holster, seen 'em before. But since I open-carry around home, I prefer a holster with a little-more 'meat' on it, to keep the briars an' such outta the works.

I'll hafta 'update' you with my latest improvement on my .31 cal. 'Last Act Of Defiance'-derringer, sometime soon...!☺