Tuesday, February 21, 2012


It's been quite some time since Ron, Steve, and I took to the range, but this past Saturday we again had the opportunity.

Ron, you know Ron, he's one of the Knights, recently bought himself a new carry.  A Kimber Ultra TLE II, that made Steve and I very jealous!  It's beautiful!
Ron seated...Steve getting ready!
Anyway, he needed occasion to shoot it, so Steve, having the best range, about 18 acres of East Tennessee rolling hills, with lots of trees decided to have the meet.  Steve, probably Terri, truth be known, invited Ron and Neena out to shoot and eat.  Well, Neena tells Judy, so Judy invites us over too!  That's the way the Dragons operate...if one gets something up, then they all have to be there!  
This arrangement sometimes makes me uneasy.  I like a firm invitation, and I have to bring something, or I feel like I'm imposing.  They never miss an opportunity to have their fun with me over this insecurity, by not telling me the full truth of the situation!
Ron...looking the part!

It was a great time for several reasons; one being the opportunity to shoot, but the best was seeing Ron out doing what he's always enjoyed doing.  He is battling some health issues right now, least of which is a mending hip and wrist he broke a few months ago.  But, there he was, walking carefully through the woods to the targets, steadying himself on a cane.

What can I say?
We fired his Kimber 1911, then my Springfield 1911, then Steve's Glock .45.  It was good to be back shooting with the other Knights again.  Unfortunately, for both of the other shooters, I had some of the best target patterns!  Oh, well, the shaky old man lucked out on some better trigger pulls...what can I say!

We all agreed that we aren't what we used to be, but the thing to remember, should you think about doing us wrong, is that all the shots hit the center mass...may not have been bulls, but they would do considerable damage in a draw down!

The Dragons later, after all their loud cackling, called us in to eat some fried chicken tenders, potatoes, peppers, and onions, pinto beans, and great cornbread!  It was delicious!
Part of the Knights...Steve, me, and Ron relaxing after eating.

Neena laughing at Steve struggling with cellphone.
Between bites we talked and laughed and mostly poked fun at Steve, as usual!  Yes, we're a happy bunch, and take every opportunity to get together, even when some of the others aren't there.  Gary and Charlotte are in Florida camping at different spots, and Noel and Linda had a previous date in Gatlinburg.  We'll have to have another gathering as soon as everyone gets back home!

It's good to be back on the range with Ron.  Love ya' man!


FHB said...

I was supposed to go shooting with my Civil War buds last Sunday, but the rain made the ground too soft, so we postponed it till this Sunday. They'll show up with all their CW gear, and I'll be there with my AK. Always the weirdo.

FHB said...

And it's good to see Ron up and about.